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Pindar the Poet

No description

Ashley Ingham

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Pindar the Poet

Pindar the Poet
By: Emma Okuma & Ashley Ingham

Impact on Today
Pindar’s impact on the modern world was that his poems kept getting passed on. Also, some of his poems are used in the Olympics.
Pindar's Background
Pindar was born in 518 B.C. in Thebes. He went to Athens to get his poetic education. He married Megaclea and had three children, two daughters (Eumetis and Protomache) and one son (Daiphantus). He died in 443 B.C.
Pindar helped influence the people of his time by putting his poetry on ancient games. Another way he impacted ancient Greece is that he changed the way people were thinking. Pindar did that by putting messages his poems. An example would be...........
If I could pick one person to represent Pindar in the modern world, it would be Shel Silverstien. I chose him because they are both poets. Pindar's poems have been passed down and Shel could have read them.
Fun Facts
-Pindar played the flute.
- Pindar was 80 when he died.
-Pindar was said to be related to the Persians
Pindar's Poem
"Best of all things is water; but gold, like a gleaming fire by night, outshines all pride of wealth beside." This means that what you need is the best, but what you want will over power your needs if you are greedy. *cough, cough, Athens*
Pindar's Quote
"Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals; but enjoy to the full the resources that are within thy reach." ~Pindar
Pindar's Sayings
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