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English 10/11H Block C: Rashi, Sarah M, Dani and Aya

Dani S

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Lenses

By Rashi, Dani, Sarah, and Aya Lenses Plot Conflict

All conflict within the text can relate back to the pressure of conforming to societies expectations and the consequences of doing so. A surgeon: compassionate, intelligent.

- Dutiful. Follows conventional ways of society.

Emotional but doesn't openly express herself in words.

-Over analyzes. A surgeon named Corinne has to perform eye surgery on her friend named Grusha. This is the conventional thing to do in their society. Corinne walks into the operating room where Grusha is waiting
"I'm sorry, Grusha. I have to do this. It must be done." Corinne says
Two days after the eye surgery, Corinne removes Grusha's eye patches so Grusha can start using her new eyes 2 3 4 Thinks about performing surgery on Grusha

Introduces place of birth and her job

Talks about her relationship with Grusha : Grusha's life and physical attributes Corinne reminisces on a photograph of Grusha and herself
Remembering the photograph causes Corinne to become more emotional for the surgery to come Corinne:
Inner conflict
Does not want to perform surgery on Grusha
Her feelings towards her own surgery Grusha:
Inner conflict
The reality of having her new eyes (emotional) External:
Man vs. Society
A common practice
Expected for people in their fields Character l Corrine Grusha -Fiery, brave, beautiful.

-Follows her heart.

-Doesn't let her emotions get to her.

-Practical. Grusha's inner conflict does not occur until the surgery is over and she is trying out her new eyes for the first time. She never thought of the emotional effect new eyes would actually have on her. Corinne has to perform this surgery on Grusha because she is specifically requested by Grusha herself. The fact she has not yet come to terms with her emotions from her own surgery and that Grusha has such beautiful eyes cause her inner turmoil. In this futuristic society, it is common place, almost expected, for people to have their eyes replaced (especially pilots and surgeons).

Emotionally, you lose a human quality (eyes = windows to the soul). Though you can physically see better, you do not necessarily "see" (understand" any differently. Though the reader does not get to see any resolution to Grusha's conflict, Corinne comes to terms with her feelings by the end of the text. By seeing the fiery, independent Grusha, in terror from her new eyes, Corinne decides she will begin to think differently. By accepting her decision, she can move on from any negative feelings she has been holding on to and help Grusha do the same. Style Theme The main theme of the text is humans can find it emotionally difficult to conform to society, but usually end up doing so. Symbolism The "new eyes" represent conforming to society.

Though a person goes through a physical change (better vision)
it does not mean they see (understand) the world any better than they did before. When Corrine meets Grusha after the completion of Grusha's surgery, she explains that she "tries to see," and is finally accepting her choice of conforming, even though it pains her to do so. It felt so wrong for Corrine to do surgery on a person with such beautiful eyes, and a lively personality. Grusha was also a bit of a rebel. She didn't cut her hair, even though it was expected of her. Grusha did what was right for her, but even she succumbed to society when the time came for her optical surgery. A huge reason why people conform is because we find it easier to do what "the crowd" is doing. Corrine did the surgery because it was the practical thing to do in society, even if it felt wrong in her heart.

If Corrine rebelled and didn't do the surgery, society would perceive her as doing "wrong" thing . Complying to do the surgery was a given and expected procedure, even if Corrine personally did not to wish to do it.
It's easier to do what is expected, then follow your mind and rebel, and face the consequences. Why is it easier to Conform? Rebellion = facing consequences with people who are opposed to your beliefs

Conformity = facing the consequences with yourself; feelings of regret, not living to your potential

Humans are afraid. Rebellion can lead to unknown consequences, and conflict with people around you. It's easier to not express your feelings, and have no one to be dissatisfied with but yourself, the deal with more physical consequences. Still don't understand? How do we all conform in society today? Fashion.

Why do we all dress similarly? Most of us follow the latest things. Let's make a list of the reasons why we conform to culture's trends, when there are so many possibilities on how to dress. First person P.O.V.
Present tense
Her thoughts are presented in an unorganized fashion (her thoughts as they come)
Pace of story matches Corinne's pace of thoughts (which until the end, is fast paced and scattered) - story takes place in a distant future where Earth is no longer the only livable planet in the galaxy

- the characters live in "a planet of glass and metal"

- the when and where do factor into the conflict The setting dictates how characters respond and react to certain situations. Their environment and surroundings affect their behavior and what is considered acceptable or not. A person in Europe during the middle ages would never think of a woman capable of anything else besides a cook or housekeeper. A surgeon? Please, that's a man's job. Women just stayed home and took care of the house and family. The setting is the backbone of the story. The setting aids in the development of characters and conflict. It is connected to theme as it is used to initiate how it, the plot, conflict, characters, and even style, go. The theme is based on
whatever issues
arise in its
surroundings. Why do we follow trends? Why do we dress so similar. We don't want to be judged by the general public.
We mostly, don't want to be talked about in a negative light. Not standing out, is a way to do so.
Humans are like "sheep." It's easier to follow the crowd.
Whatever it is others are doing, we consider sensible . By dressing differently from others , we're doing something speculative.
So if deep inside you want to come to school wearing a zebra costume and paint your face pink, with the complete right to do so, you most likely won't. For most, the cons out weigh the pros. The story is told from Corrine's P.O.V. She is a very emotional and sympathetic character who tends to over think at times. The story is written in the manner that when we read, it were as if we were reading her thoughts. This allows us to see the conflicts that arise within herself.

She finds it difficult to perform surgery on her friend, knowing proceeding will rob her friend a significant human trait. In a way it is ironic because they try to increase the longevity of humans, yet they go by unnatural, mechanical means to do so. The fact that this sugery was to help Grusha become a better pilot by perfecting her eyesight with synthetic eyes, gave Corrine more reasons to push aside her personal matters , and perform the surgery. She had to look at the bigger picture. Other Factors. Grusha was comforting Corrine, even though the surgery was to be performed on Grusha. Is a pilot.
Described to be beautiful by Corrine.
Doesn't cut her hair, even though it's expected of her because of her job occupation. Requests Corrine to do
her surgery, even after Corrine refuses. Grusha's new eyes are solid grey, with light reflecting off of them like a mirror. Her new eyes are unlike her old ones that danced with life when she laughs. Grusha is left shaken by the reality of having new eyes. She is beginning to realize what it might be like for the rest of her life having her old eyes replaced with new ones. At the end of the story, Corinne comforts Grusha. The most important event is after the surgery because both Corinne and Grusha are affected by the new eyes.
The story does not have an arc and is not constructed the "normal way" because most of the story is just Corinne thinking. The story is thought provoking and leaves the reader cautious about their future choices. You become aware of the pressure culture places upon you and the decisions you make as a result of that pressure. Written by: Leah Silverman Setting Why Did Corinne Conform...?
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