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No description

Ainur Afiah

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of PWC1010

Add Images Introduction Group 1 Pre'zume' Pre'zipes' Fairytale Photo Album Compilation Student Organization Studying and
earning a
DEGREE How far is the current job related to the degree obtained Securing a
JOB Skills and
capability Objective Group 1 Finding 1 Current
job scope Engineering
background Highly competitive
industry mindset talent skills capability Method Reliability of method applied
and data obtained 35 engineers from Shell Cyberjaya

Blog based survey form

Results was obtained online

Results were discussed, argued and tabulated PWC1010 Match between Course Studied and Current Job Scope
1. Majority of respondents (50%) : like to work in the industry.
2. 27% of them : comfortable in research and development.
3. 2% : tend to be part of the academic sector. thank you Finding 2 1. Majority of respondents (29%) : love for innovation.
2. 26% : love to have a passion of creation in their job.
3. 5% : looking to gain high respect from the society. Finding 3 1. 75% : partially working related to their engineering
2. 20% : do a job which is related to the course they
have studied.
3. 5% : do not work in a field related to their
engineering background. Finding 4 1. 29% : feel lacking of oral communication skills.
2. An equal 29% : agree lacking of ability to apply theory.
3. 18% : agree lacking of written skills. CONCLUSION 1. Majority of respondents :
+ like to work in the industry.
+ were inspired to be engineers.
+ partially work related to their course
+ studied.

2. A high percentage of respondents agree,
the latest generation of engineers are :
+ lacking of oral communication skills
+ and the ability to apply the theory.
the education
system Change in
attitude among
fresh graduates Launch of campaigns by government
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