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what is Christian educational psychology?

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Young Kim

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of what is Christian educational psychology?

what is Christian educational psychology?
General meaning
Education and Psychology are correlated subjects. Psychology is a broader area in which education searches to give a practical shape of the psychology findings in the teaching-learning situation. For a detail study of both the subject, we first know the meaning of psychology and education.

The word ‘psychology’ has been derived from two Greek words ‘psyche’ and ‘logos’ which means study of soul. But this meaning was changed into mind, consciousness and behavior.
Relationship between Education and Psychology:

(1) Psychology and aims of education:

The aims of education can be fixed by taking the help of psychology changes of the child. So the needs, interest, aptitude and attitude are the indicators for planning any activity for education.

(2) Psychology and curriculum:

At the time of curriculum planning and construction, proper care should be taken for the development rate of the child. So they are complementary in the process of education.
J. B. Watson, the father of behaviouristic school of psychology, termed psychology as the science of behavior. The meaning of education is modification of behavior for one’s adjustment. When we study the behavior of the child and teacher in the educational situations, for solving educational problems, we take the help of educational psychology.
The role of school is to help in harmonious development of the personality of the child. So it becomes the duty and task of the teacher to guide child according to psychological norms. Therefore, for every teacher study of psychology is an essential item. So we can say that educational psychology is application of psychology and its principles in educational situations.

According to Skinner, “Educational psychology covers to entire range of behavior and personality as related to education.”

There is an inner link between education and psychology.
(3) Psychology and methods:
A teacher has to give instructions through different methods, which should be linked with psychological problems, needs and development of the child.

(4) Psychology and evaluation:

The total process of evaluation and examination should be linked with psychological principles. Questions should be prepared taking the normal development of the children.

(5) Psychology and discipline:

The problems of discipline can be checked through proper psychological techniques. It also helps to check different behavioral problems of the children.
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