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The House On Mango Street

No description

Rachel Schoonover

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The House On Mango Street

The House On Mango Street
Jordan, Chrissi, Rachel

: Marin is waiting for someone to change her life, someone to fall in love with her and change her life. She knows many things about life. She isn't afraid of anything really, she just stays where she is waiting for her life to change.
Personal Connection
: Marin is not afraid of anything or anybody, and neither am I.
Sound Devices
Alliteration- "is singing the same song somewhere"
Rhythm- "is waiting for a car to stop, star to fall, someone to change her life"
Literary Devices
Imagery- "I am in love with those two green apples you call eyes"
Metaphor- "those two green apples you call eyes"
: You can't sit around waiting for your life to change, you have to get up and change it yourself.
There was an Old Women she had so many children she didn't know what to do
: The vignette "Sire" depicts Esperanza's desire to have a companion. She relates her feelings towards Sire and his girlfriend Louis. "I don't cross a street like other girls straight ahead, straight eyes. I walked passed, I knew he was looking." Esperanza becomes nervous every time she sees Sire, because she has feelings for him "It made your blood freeze to have somebody look at you like that" Esperanza wants to be with him even though her parents disapprove of Sire "He is a punk, papa says, and mama says not to talk to him." Sire and his girlfriend, Louis hangout late at night and drink beer. "I want to sit out bad at night, a boy around my neck in the wind under my shirt." Esperanza desires a companion and she waits for that boy to come.
Personal Connection: Every teenager wants a boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone gets nervous around the person that they like.
Sound Devices
Onomatopoeia- "bump"
Rhyme- "Not this way, every evening talking to the trees, leaning out my window, imagining what I can't see."
Literary Devices
Metaphor- "It made your blood freeze to have somebody look at you like that."
Imagery- "I want to sit out bad at night, a boy around my neck, and the wind under my shirt."
: Everyone desires to have a companion.
: Esperanza implies that Rosa Vargas, an old woman that lives on Mango Street, has too many children that can't behave. Although, it's not her fault that they're so many children and one of her, of course they're not going to listen. Since Rosa is "buttoning, bottling, and babying" all day she is always tired and crying because of the man who left without leaving anything, money or a reason. The kids do what they want whenever they want. They are disrespectful, spitting on people, and not listening to any adult. Since they act the way they do, nobody wants to watch out for them anymore. If they get hurt, it's their fault.
Personal Connections
: My nephew and his friends come to my house after school and tear everything up. After yelling at them all the time and them not listening I just gave up.
Sound Devices
Alliteration- "... from buttoning, bottling, and babying"
Repetition- "Come down, you come down right now"
Literary Devices
Simile- "and almost break like fancy museum vases you can't replace"
"and dropped from the sky like a sugar doughnut"
: If you're disrespectful, don't expect anything in return"
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