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Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

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Carla Gamboa

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
Prairie Dog
gregarious burrowing rodents of the squirrel family chiefly of central and western United States plains
The carrying of boats or goods overland from one body of water to another or around an obstacle.
Shoshone Indians
American Indian peoples original ranging through California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming
Mandan Indians
American Indian people of the Missouri River valley in North Dakota
a boat like a canoe
Northwest Passage
a passage by sea between the Atlantic & the Pacific along the N coast of North America

art of making maps
Continental Divide
the watershed of North America comprising the line of highest points of land separating the waters flowing W from those flowing N or E, coinciding with various ranges of the Rockies, & extending SSE from NW Canada to NW S. America

Corps of Discovery
small expeditionary group, whose mission was to explore the uncharted West
Reasons why Napoleon was selling Louisiana to the Americans?
They needed money to prepare for war in Europe.
What dilemma did Thomas Jefferson face when purchasing Louisiana from Napoleon (strict versus loose construction of the Constitution)
It never actually stated that they could obtain land from a foreign country.
A little background on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Lewis was born near Charlottesville, VA. on August 18, 1774.
Both were military men
After the Expedition, Lewis was appointed Governor of the Louisiana Territory
Clark was promoted to Brigadier General and appointed to the Superintendency of Indian Affairs
Lewis, at age 35, died tragically on October 11, 1809, just three years after the Expedition
Clark lived a long and productive life in St. Louis, dying September 1 1838, at age 68
What was the goal of the expedition?
The purpose was to search out a water route to the Pacific and study the Native American tribes living in the area as well as the plants, animals, geology and terrain of the region
Who went with them?
Charles Floyd, Patrick Gass, John Ordway, Nathaniel Pryor, William Bratton, John Collins, John Colter, Pierre Cruzatte, Joseph Field, Reuben Field, Robert Frazer, George Gibson, Silas Goodrich, Hugh Hall, Thomas Proctor Howard, Francois LaBiche, Jean Baptiste LePage, Hugh McNeal, John Potts, George Shannon, John Shields, John, B. Thompson, Peter M. Weiser, William Werner, Joseph Whitehouse, Alexander, Hamilton Willard, Richard Windsor, Toussaint Charbonneau, Sacagawea, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Baptiste Deschamps, Pierre Dorion, George Drouillard, York
Where did the expedition begin?
St. Louis, Missouri
Who did they meet along the way?
French fur trader named Toussaint Charbonneau, his wife Sacagawea, and their baby, Jean-Baptiste. Met several tribes and chiefs, including natives from the Arikara, Assiniboine, Athabaska, Blackfoot, Columbian Plateau, Cree, Crow, Eliatan, Eneshur, Flathead, Grand Osage, Kickapoo, Mandan, Minitari, Nez Perce, Omaha, Oto, Pawnee, Shoshone, Sioux, Skillute, Teton Sioux, Yakima, and Yankton Sioux tribes as well as several British and French hunters and fur traders.
What was important about Sacagawea going with them?
They had the Sacagawea go with them because she knew the land very well.
How long did they spend in Fort Clatsop, Oregon?
They stayed there until winter was over and then started to head back home once it was spring time, by tracing their steps.
Plants Discovered
Pedicularis groenlandica
Linum lewisii
Mimulus lewisii
Xerophyllum tenaX
Calochortus splendens
Grizzly Bear
Sea Otter
Animals Discovered
What was perhaps the greatest discovery of all made by the Corps of Discovery?
The greatest discovery of all made by the Corps of Discovery was the continental divide. How the Rockies goes from NW of the United States all the way down to NW of South America is really neat.
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