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Not For Human Consumption -K2 and other designer Drugs

No description

Tim Wiegand

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Not For Human Consumption -K2 and other designer Drugs

Novel Drugs
New Drugs
K2/Spice/Funky Monkey/Fear & Loathing
Salvia Divinorum
18 year-old male found 'stumbling' around garage by his mother.

Mother contacts his friend --"he was smoking 'marshmallow leaf --Monroe street smoke shop

Patient has HR 120, subtle nystagmus, he is anxious and disoriented.

The patient's symptoms improve with 1 mg lorazepam IV and reassurance. He is dc'd in 6 hours.
Case I
Case 2

17 year-old Male "smoking 'Funky Monkey" with friends on a basement couch.

Patient gets up to go to the bathroom --friends find him "seizing" on the floor of the bathroom '5 minutes' later

The patient is somnolent in the ED and tachycardic to 130's. He has mydriasis.

BP is 160/100

CK 3000's

No further seizures after benzodiazepines administered by EMS

THC negative on tox screen
Case 3

17 year-old "binges on marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids ('K2')

Sent to the school RN for "bizarre behavior"

Girlfiend broke up with patient for "weird behavior" day prior.

Paraniod, religious themes, disorganized, perseverative

Risperidone and lorazepam --> improvement (slow)

Patient is back in school, on 1.5 mg risperidone TID and in chemical dependency treatment with his family. Improved but still struggling.
44 year-old woman with history of alcohol abuse found confused and wondering around her kitchen.

Two empty cans of "Four Loko" on the counter.

The stove top is on fire and sets the fire alarm off.

Her husband calls 911

EtOH level 208 mg/dL
2 teens (males 18 and 19) are found "passed out" in an enclosed area near "the mall"

Several empty bottles of Robitussin are on the ground near the teens.

Teen 1 -Mydriasis, tachycardia, tremors, myoclonus.

Teen 1 was thought to have had a seizure as he is incontinent of urine, has a leukocytosis and his CK is in the 2000's.

Teen 2 -Mydriasis, normal HR, confused and ataxic, somnolent. Symptoms improve over 4-6 hours.
Party powders and bath salts
You're in the right place for a refreshing and invigorating spirit of powders. Premium party powders, bath salts and plant feeders, that we offer could put everything in its place.
Be interesting, original and independent of that night: White lady, C original, Freebase. Better than Charge+, Blow, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky!

White Lady powder
Starting from

C Original powder
Starting from

Rush party powder
Out of stock
Blast party powder
Out of stock
Freebase powder
Out of stock
DEA compliant product, doesn't contain PV or M1.
Mobile phone, digital camera, iPod, PSP or Nintendo displays scratch very easily appearing shabby and unsightly. Only a few manufacturers offer replacement displays, which can be expensive. Buzz-wholesale offers a simple solution for this widespread customer problem. With this new type of special polishing powder, end users have for the first time the possibility of eliminating the scratches in their displays quickly and cost-effectively in a do-it-yourself process. Each 1g bag is enough for around 15 applications. The plastic lens is lightly dissolved and polished with fine abrasive particles. The corners of the scratch traces are rounded off and the fissure bottom filled out with excess lens material.
20 year-old male presents with agitation and c/o "chest pain"
Febrile (38.4) HR 130's, BP 150/100
Agitated, marked mydriasis & diaphoretic
Used "75 mg 'Ivory Wave' instead of 7.5-10.0 mg"
Bath Salts
-Ivory Wave


Cough &
Take Home Resources:
www.bluelight.org (forum)
Toxicology Consult (URMC*):
Poison Control Center -1800-222-1222
Four Loko
"Blackout in a Can"
"Blackout in a Can"
16 year-old complains to his sister and mother that, "I can't breathe..."
Patient asks to be taken to the hospital.
Patient has slow, dysarthric speech and is febrile to 39.0. HR is 110
Patient has marked acrocyanosis
Admits to "eating a bag of 'weed' and a joint"
Tox screen negative for THC
H/O 'K2'
17 year-old brought in by parents with confusion and severe anxiety.
Patient has been smoking a product called, "Funky Monkey"
Exam is remarkable for mydriasis and tachycardia at 110 bpm
Urine Tox screen negative for THC and other drugs (rapid chem. dep. screen)
15 year-old found "sick and vomiting" in the bathroom by his mother.
Reports, "drinking a funny energy drink..."
In the ED patient is difficult to arouse,
HR 115, BP 80/54
Glucose 60
EtOH level: 150 mg/dL
Sources: LSU players had positive tests
Sources: LSU players had positive tests
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