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The Maya

No description

denise holly

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of The Maya

The Ancient Maya Note the Jaguar throne and the huge headdress.
This god was most important. The Ancient Maya were one of the greatest civilizations. They excelled in the arts, mathematics, architecture, farming, and astronomy. The early Maya lived in villages, where they farmed corn, or maize. Hundreds of years later, they built vast city-states. It was during this time that the Maya made many advancements. They built great structures and studied the planets to create calendars, one of which had 365 days. And they did this all without modern technology! Portrait of a Maya god painted by Louisiana artist, Luz-Maria Lopez from her book, How the Gods created the Finger People. For more information, visit http://maya.nmai.si.edu/
True Flix, The Ancient Maya
http://tfx.grolier.com/p/node-33059/01001877 Headdress Throne Important women wore headdresses, too. Maya Conquest of an island from the Dresden Codex Like Ka'bul's headdress in the video, these warriors are topped with feathers, animal skins and more. This image is from one of the few remaining books (codex) created by the Maya to chronicle their history. What's happening in this picture? Vase of the Seven Gods, by roll out image of vase, James Kerr Let these warriors in water inspire your headdress.
Use elements from images found here. Throughout this Prezi look for the use of these Elements of Art, line, color, shape, texture and value. This shape holds the names
and dates for this glyph.
Can you find any Maya numbers? Jaguar in the waterlilies by Rene' Ozaeta
Perhaps a jaguar will find a place in your headdress. The Maya society had different levels.
The more important somebody was, the bigger their headdress. The gods/rulers had the largest most elaborate headdresses.
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