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Frankenstein; Volume 2, Chapter 6

No description

Caterina Wulf

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Frankenstein; Volume 2, Chapter 6

Frankenstein Volume 2, Chapter 6 Themes Summary &
Quotes Summary "Some time elapsed before I learned the history of my friends." "They conversed with one another through the means of an interpreter, and sometimes with the interpretation of looks; and Safie sang to him the divine airs of her native country" Secrecy The old man
"De Lacey" Felix Turkish Merchant Important to this chapter because the Turkish merchant gives him the idea of marrying his daughter because Felix visited him while he was in prison and waiting on death row. To overthrow the French
justice system and free
Safie's father from death Monster In this chapter, the De Lacey family history told by the monster. It mentions that the family is well regarded in France when it comes to wealth and social position. Felix comes to help Safie's father from death. The plot to rescue Safie's father is discovered by the French, ruining the De Lacey family as the government takes their wealth as punishment for aiding in the escape of Safie's father. The use of the word "friends" very simplistically describes how the monster of Frankenstein felt about the family and how he cared for them. The monster of Frankenstein is unknowingly jealous of Felix and Safie's relationship. This minuscule detail feeds the monster his desire for a female companion in later chapters. Olivia Craig
Zach Fugate
Caterina Wulf Characters descended from a good
family in France, he could
actually talk to the monster
because he is blind. "father of the Safie" was tried and condemned to death because he was obnoxious to the government" Point Of
View &
Setting Dangerous Knowledge Once the French found out about their plot, all of De Lacey's wealth was taken, when they knew all along this could or would happen. The way Mary Shelley writes this chapter in Frankentein's monster's point of view helps the reader understand how the monster thinks. Although it is not human, it is the equivalent to one in it's intelligence. However, by learning more of the De Lacey story, the monster realizes how disconnected from humanity it really is. Paris The story of the De Lacey family is based in Paris, France. Pg. 125 Pg. 127 Works Cited - Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. 1818. Ed. Maurice Hindle. Rev. ed. New York: Penguin Classics, 1992. - SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on Frankenstein.” SparkNotes LLC. 2007. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/frankenstein/
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