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e-twinning "Joined in our differences.We are all the same, we are all different"

November 2011-May 2012 Greece-Finland

Dina Mylona

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of e-twinning "Joined in our differences.We are all the same, we are all different"

November-December Hobbies and free time! January My hobby, hunting Hunting is my hobby number one..
I often go to forest. I go to the forest alone or with my dogs. I hunt hares, birds, foxes etc. I also practise shooting.
I use boths, rifles and shotguns. Hunting is a very expensive hobby.

Julia is Drever. It barks hares and foxes. If hare or fox be mistaken and comes too close to me, I´ll try to shoot it. Two black grouses. My dog julia and a fox Julia in the dog show When I shoot the animals we eat meat. Hairs and feathers are good in Fly tying which is also one of the my hobbies :D I use flies in the summer fishing and sometimes ice fishing:) One of my flies
Hook: nro 8
head: light deer hair
Body: gray rabbit fur
Throat: red wool
Wing / back: black zonker
Threads: the golden tinsel By: Matias Our schools February Interesting places, important people March Evgenios Trivizas Maria Daniil Eva wahlström Eva Wahlström is Finnish most succesfull woman boxer. She is win Europe championship-silver year 2004 and 2005. She represent Loviisan Riento. Eva is 168cm tall and she’s weight is 59kg. Shes huspand is Pekka Kaislama and they have one children Leo. http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Wahlstr%C3%B6m Pauliina Traditional food April Chocolate-
Strawberry Tart Bottom:
200 g chocolate
6 dl rice crispies
5 leaves of gelatine
3 rkl juice
½ l strawberries
3 dl cream
2 dl vanilla yogurt
1 dl sugar
Chocolate, grated Cut up and digest chocolate. Add rice crispies. Spread mixture evenly in tin. Put tin in cold.
Put leaves of gelatine in cold water. Cut up stawberries, whisk cream foam. Add leaves of gelatine in hot juice.
Add yogurt and previous mixture, sugar and cream. And pour on the chocolate-crispies.
Cover tin and allow jell 2-3 hour in cold.
Put in platter and granish with stawberries and grated chocolate. By: Saija Karelian pasty Making:
2 decilitre water
1 teaspoon salt
2½ decilitre rye flour
2½ decilitre wheat flour
filling: rice pudding
oiling: boiling milk and butter 1. Mix in cold water salt and flours. Add flours so much that dough is suitable bold. Whisk the dough flexible and bake it long stick.
2. Share dough about 20 equal. Roll rolling pin parts flats and ovals cakes and collect them in piles and sprinkle flours in between.
3. Spread rice pudding filling in pastys.
4. Turn the pastys sides thick.
5. Put it in oven in degree 250 about 15 minute. © Janette Blueberry pasty Bottom:
100g margarine
1 dl sugar
1 egg
2½ wheat flour
½ oatmeal
1 tl baking powder
1 tl cardamom Filling:
4 dl blueberry
2 dl vanilla yoghurt
1 egg
½ sugar 1. Froth fat and sugar. Additionally according to egg whisk. Mix themselves wheat flour, oatmeal, baking powder and cardamom. Additionally drieds substance batter transpose. Press batter pasty casserole bottom and side. 2. Spread on blueberry. 3. Mix yoghurt according to egg and sugar. Pour mixture casserole. Bake pasty 200 order undermost level about 25 minute. + You can enjoy pasty with vanilla ice-cream. (c) Nina Price Comparison-Mini dictionary May or...the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This is the end... Getting to know each other, letters and Christmas cards.
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