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Top 10 henious juvenile crimes

No description

Shaquira Quezada

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Top 10 henious juvenile crimes

Top 10 henious juvenile crimes

Melinda Loveless, Laurie Tackett, Toni Lawrence, And Hope Rippey
US, Age: 15–18
Loveless was jealous of the friendshop b/w 12 years old Renee Sharer and her ex girlfriend
4 girls drove to Sharer house conviced her to come out and she told them to come back later
when Sharer got to in the backseat and the car pulled off Loveless jumped out from the backseat
Loveless held a knife to Sharer throat and accused her of having sexual relationship with her ex
they drove to a garbage dump and the 2 girls began to torture Sharer; the other two stayed in the car
they stabbed her, strangled her; later when sharer began to scream Tackett beat her with a tire iron
they sodomized her with the tire iron, while she cried out to her mother
they went to Tackett house to have drinks and snack and laugh about what just happened while Sharer was unconscious in the trunk
they set her body on fire while she was still alive
Lawrence confessed to the police; she served 9 years, Rippey served 14 years, Tackett and Loveless had 60 years sentence but reduced to 35 years
Erin Caffey Kills Entire Family
Caffet had a a wish to get with her boyfriend but her parents stood in the way
planned the murders of her family
Her boyfriend and the buddy attacked the family house early that morning of their murder
Her mother as killed; father maimed badly; two brothers killed in grotesque ways
then set the house on fire
all invovled is charge with murder and plea deal or plead guilty and recieve extenden prison sentence
15 years old kills adopted siblings
the boy was an honor student and trusted to take care of his siblings w/ minimal sihaps
he bruttally stabbed his siblings to death
the mother reutnr home finding the body of her 4 years son
she called the police and reported two child, 15 and 10 years old,missing.
the 10 years old was found in the basement
the 15 was arresed on suspicion of homcide and sent to a juvenile facility.
Luke Wodham

One of the most chilling school massacres in history came courtesy of Mississippi high schooler Luke Woodham. On Oct. 1, 1997, Woodham walked into Pearl High School clad in a trench coat and orange jumpsuit and began shooting, killing two and wounding seven.
Before his rampage, Woodham had also stabbed and beaten his sleeping mother to death. The truly chilling part comes in the message Luke gave to a friend shortly before the killings began. He said, “I am not insane, I am angry.
I killed because people like me are mistreated every day ... If I can't do it through pacifism, if I can't show you through the displaying of intelligence, then I will do it with a bullet.” He was eventually subdued by the school’s assistant principal and stood trial for his crimes.

Eric Borel
A French teenager Eric Borel seemed like a quiet kid who took good care of his pet chickens, but at home his mother referred to him as a “child of sin” and beat him frequently. One day in 1995, Borel snapped killing his stepfather, his half-brother, and his mother. After that he loaded a rifle and a pistol and traveled down to the town Cuers. When he arrived at one of his good friend’s house where they end up having an argument Borel shot him in the back killing him instantly. Then started to target other civilians at random on a rampage that eventually claimed 11 other victims before Borel surrounded by police he committed suicide.
Boy shoots mother over chores
Alfo Munoz gave his girlfriend's son a gun and train him to use it in case of emergency
Sara Madird was arguing with her son over chores and left the house
when she came back her son shoot her and handed the empty gun to his stepfather
he was found guilty
Girl A: Japan Age 11
Elementary school teacher notice 2 girls missing; she put out a public announcement for the girls to return to the classroom
one of the girls came back covered in blood
12 years old Satomi Mitarai found with her throat slashed, and her arms cut with a boc cutter
Mitrarai made fun of the girl's appearance
2 years in reformatory
Eric Smith
Eric Smith was an ordinary kid from New York who loved to clown around but because of a mental condition known as intermittent explosive disorder, he could become very unpredictable with his cause of violence. In 1993 when he was riding his bike to camp walking along the sidewalk was Derek Robie who was four years old. For some reason Robie drew Derek attention Derek then grabbed him, strangled him, dropped two large rocks on his head, poured Kool-Aid in the wound and crammed a tree branch in his butt. Less than a week later, Smith confessed to the crime and was sent to prison, where he remains to this day.
Jordan Brown
In 2009, the 11-year-old Brown picked up a shotgun that he had been given for Christmas and walked into the bedroom where his stepmother, Kenzie Houk was sleeping. He shot her in the back of the head killing both her and the unborn fetus. The boy then calmly got on the school bus and headed off to class. Houk’s body was found by her 4-year-old daughter, who ran to a neighbor to report the horrible scene her mother was in. Investigators discovered a spent shotgun shell and traced it back to Brown, who was found guilty of the crime in 2012.
The End
Jesse Pomeroy
14 years old boy arrested for the murder of a 4 years old by
labeled "The Boston Boy Fiend"
begun 3 years prior with sexual torture of 7 other boys
sentence to a children's reform school but was released early
after mutilated and killed a 10 years old girl
month later, kidnapped 4 years old Horace Mullen, took him to a swamp outside town and slashed him so savagely that he was nearly decapitated
milk white eye and previous abhorrent behavior, he was under suspicion
sentenced to death because of the outcry against condemning children to death, he was sentence to 40 years of solitary confinement
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