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Heather Sulzen

on 26 July 2013

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The Third of May 1808

The Third of May 1808

Family of Charles IV, 1800

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
, 1799
-etching and aquatint

Las Meninas, Velazques

Family of Charles IV, Goya

-What are the key ideas behind Romanticism?
-Characteristics of Romanticism?



Francisco Goya

What famous painting does this painting remind you of?
Saturn Devouring One of His Children, 1819-1823
1. Select one of Goya’s works and discuss how it embodies the Romantic movement.
Compare the work to artworks from preceding movements to help make your case.

2. Goya remained employed as a court painter to the French ruler of Spain (Napoleon’s brother) but meanwhile created a series of etchings titled
The Disasters of War
. Look at the series of prints and explain the context surrounding them.

Essay Question
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