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my swimming career

No description

Mr. Stack

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of my swimming career

I LOVE TO SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The West Haven Wizards
i swim on the west haven wizards. there are 5 coaches, coach Callie, coach Sean, coach Erin, coach Eric, and coach Robin. coach Sean is the head coach and coach Eric is the head coach for 8 and unders. they have all helped me become a better swimmer.
my inspiration
my inspiration is Michael Phelps. he is the greatest swimmer of all time. he was the youngest male swimmer to have a world record. he is also the first swimmer in history to win 8 gold medals in one olympic game. he will always be my inspiration.
facts you didn't know about swimming and swimmers
- Michael Phelps' arms are 6'7 and he is only 6'4
- swimming is the fourth most popular sport/activity in the United States
- if you hurt yourself, swimming can really help heal the pain and will help heal the muscle.
my first year on swim team
in my first year on my swim team i was 6 years old and the only stroke i did well was freestyle. i was really slow at first but by the end of the first season i was faster than most of the people.
the best swim of my life
i was swimming my favorite stroke, breaststroke, i was going against a star swimmer named Brooke. she was unbeatable. i swam as fast as i could and them i slammed the touch pad as hard as i could and then, i finally beat her. it was the best moment of my life.
my swimming career
my best stroke is breaststroke
Michael Phelps' armspan is longer than himself .
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