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USAID/ Coaltion Warfare/ William and Mary #3


john bessler

on 13 March 2012

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Transcript of USAID/ Coaltion Warfare/ William and Mary #3

Coalition Warfare Some people just need killing Mangan Thoughts - don't believe everything you hear

- one man's terrorism is another man's hunger

- agendas - everyone has one A Practioner's Backwards
Glance at Afghanistan - beautiful
- historic
- ugly
- tragic
- tremendous potential Bala Morghab - unity of purpose
- braiding the rope
- this coalition stuff is really, really, REALLY, hard
- all politics are local
- agendas - look thru the lenses of your colleagues

- no one *tries* to dork it up (usually)

- national caveats, agendas, work ethics,
and culture will derail all your best intentions *Most* are reconcilable -
the 'accidental guerrilla'/
'just bizness'/ perhaps coerced ALL have agendas, and want
a 'stake' in whatever the future holds
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