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Factors that affect Needs

No description

Karl Lester De Vera

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Factors that affect Needs

Personal Factor
There are many different personal factors involved with wants and needs. Some of these involve culture, attitudes, age, gender, basic needs, emotions and hobbies.
Psychological Factors
Economic Factors
Someone's personal/family income can effect what they want and need because it can narrow down the options. If someone is wealthy it means that they can afford more, and sometimes want more than a person who doesn't earn a lot.
Needs and Wants
Factors that affect Needs
Social Factors
Family and Friends: family and friends likes and dislikes, and their wants and needs can be passed onto someone else. Many people can strive to be like someone else because they look up to them, and this can contribute to their needs, but especially their wants.
There are many psychological factors that contribute to someone's wants and needs. Firstly, someone might enjoy buying things to make themselves feel better. They might want to buy many things to give to people to bribe them, or to give them a gift on a certain celebration.
Environment Factor
Different people have different view of the environment and some care more than others. Some people might want to buy recyclable plastic bags or solar panels for their house, while others might not care at all.
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