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Literary Devices in Ads

No description

Amy Bui

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Literary Devices in Ads

In the advertisement the logo for the toothpaste brand says "build strong teeth" and the poster displays a man tearing it apart from the bulletin board. In reality, normal toothpaste doesn't make regular teeth capable of doing anything like that. The advertisement wants the audience to know that the particular toothpaste brand is the best one.

The advertisement with the broccoli like human chilling in the hot tub, the advertisement shows a brand of floss that can take out hidden foods stuck in your mouth. In reality broccoli is pretty hard to get out once it's stuck in your tooth.
By, Thao Bui
Literary Devices in Ads

The onomatopoeia in this specific commercial is the main character's name, Cuckoo. As Cuckoo is crazy for the cereal the commercial also describes the taste and the structure of the cereal as, "munchy", "crunchy", and "chocolatey".
This TV commercial is a perfect example of alliteration, demonstrating Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The chocolate is described as a delightful treat of the Gods of Olympus, which is an allusion to Greek mythology. The Gods and the Goddesses show how special the treat is, giving the audience an idea that the chocolate to the Gods is so divine.
The advertisement for New Balance Nike, the shoes and the water bottles altogether form the shape of the heart. The ad wants the audience to know that the specific running shoes will get you back in shape and increases your health.
The Silverado commercial demonstrates a truck, the logo says "Like a rock", showing the audience the car is strong and can handle rough roads and tasks.
This is an advertisement for a battery company Duracell, as the words on top of the battery says, "Some toys don't die" shows how well lasting the battery is so that the toys are always alive. The doll shows an eerie type of atmosphere for the audience but always portrays a good example.
The KitKat commercial is a good example of Alliteration. As the definition for alliteration is repetition of similar initial constant sounds, the word Kit-Kat repeats the 'K' twice.
The advertisement for WaMu is a perfect example of a pun. The 'Free range checkin' is great, because the 'checkin' is a pun for 'chicken', and as you can see in the ad the baby chicks are part of the advertisement.
The main focus on the advertisement to the right is about shoes, running shoes for workouts, everyday wear, etc. The slogan on the bottom says 'Just Do It' with a check mark on the bottom, but not just any check mark, it's a Nike check mark. In society today Nike is well-known for it's famous shoes and for the symbol that represents the brand.
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