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Number the Stars : By Facundo Ruiz

No description


on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Number the Stars : By Facundo Ruiz


Stocky : Wide and strong looking
Lanky : Tall and thin
Dawdle : To do something very slowly, as if you don't want to do it.
Sneer : To show in your manner of speaking or in an expression that something/someone is so foolish that deserves to be ridiculed
Impassive: Not showing or feeling any emotion
Pout: To show annoyance especially by pressing your lips together or pushing out the lower lip.

Obstinate: Unwilling to change your opinion or action despite argument or persuasion.
Torment: To tease or bother someone.
Ration: To control the amount that is used
Eased: Move slowly

The story take place in Copenhagen
Time Period
During the World war I I
The story was about a girl called Annemarie and her best friend Ellen. They were living at the World war II.
Suddenly the Nazis start killing the Jewish people and Ellen is Jewish, so he went to Annemarie's to hide.
Number the Stars
Annemarie is lanky. She's brave and pretty smart. She's very friendly
Ellen is stocky. She's timid but also smart. She's Jewish
The giraffe

She's sort of dumb, not intelligent. She's small and likes to talk.
He's serious and they called the giraffe because of his long neck. He's a german soldier

I identify with Annemarie because well Im not that brave but Im lanky and friendly.
I really liked the book because it happens during the World war II and because it's interesting. I think my mom would enjoy the book, she like this types of books. I think people would have to read because the story is very interesting.

I would to like to change the ending of the book because I think that I would be good that the war end and Ellen stay in Copenhagen with Annemarie safe from the Nazi Soldiers. I would also like to change the end because I would like Peter Neilsen to be alive because he deserved to be alive when the war ended.
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