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Copy of The False Prince

No description

Lauren Balbierer

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The False Prince

Lauren Balbierer The False Prince
By: Jennifer A. Nielsen Exposition Recommendation The story begins in Carchar, Carthya where an orphaned boy named Sage is taken from his orphanage by Bevin Conner, who is a nobleman and often called Master Conner throughout the text. Sage along with three other boys are taken to Conner's home. There, Conner says that Carthya is close to war with Avenia. A man named Veldergrath plans to take the throne that belonged to the late King Eckbert, Queen Erin, and Prince Darius, who were secretly poisoned by Conner. Sage, Latamer, Roden, Tobias, Bevin Conner, Mott, Cregan, Imogen, Veldergrath, the late King Eckbert, the late Queen Erin, and the late Prince Darius. Characters: "And from that moment on, I became Sage of Avenia. Orphaned son of a failed musician and a barmaid. Who knew little of the king and queen of Carthya, and cared even less. Completely alone." (Nielsen, 271)

"Conner's smile was a thin line on his face. 'Sage, I believe your question earlier was why we had the meeting before we ate. This is why. So we wouldn't waste our food.' His eyes passed over to Roden and Tobias. 'How about it then? Does anybody else want to leave?'" (Nielsen, 24)

"Kerwyn led her away, but he looked back at me, I could almost see a new weight fall upon my shoulders. Difficult times were ahead, for Carthya and for me. But even pending war should never ruin a good party. With a smile on my face, I turned to the group and said, 'Carthyans, tonight I am home again, Let it be a celebration. Tonight we dance!'" (Nielsen, 342) Important Quotes I would DEFINITELY recommend this book.
I would recommend it because the chapters are
easy to understand and the author uses great
details that make you want to keep reading it. Settings: The setting takes place in different towns throughout Carthya, Sage's orphanage in Carchar, Conner's house in Farthenwood, and The Royal Castle in Dryliad. Point of View: This story is told in first person by Sage. Rising Action:
However, Conner plans on stopping this by disguising one of these boys as Prince Jaron, the younger brother of the late Prince Darius, to fool an entire team of regents. Conner put these boys through two weeks of training about Carthyan history, sword fighting, and horseback riding. Climax:
When training ends, Sage is the one boy that is made the prince by Conner after doing a coin trick on his knuckles that Jaron was famous for. On the way up to the royal castle Sage retells the reader the story of what really happened to Prince Jaron. A story went around that Jaron was killed by Avenian pirates while on a ship, but he escaped from the boat and hid in a church in Avenia. Then, after an upsetting agreement with his father, Jaron went to Mrs.Turbeldy's orphanage and went by the name of Sage. This tells the reader that Sage is actually the real Prince Jaron. Falling Action/Resolution:
When Conner and Jaron arrive at the Castle, Conner and his regents are brought to Jaron who walks up to the head of all regents, Joth Kerwyn, and holds out a piece of imitators gold and says it's real gold. Kerwyn then pulls out a letter written from the king saying that the real Prince Jaron would have a piece of imitators gold and say it was real gold. So, Jaron is given the position of the throne. The first thing he did was fire Veldergrath like Conner said to, and he promoted Conner to prime regent. However, after this he commands the guards to arrest Conner for the murder of his family and removed him from the position as prime regent. Themes: Always be brave and live your life your way. Symbols: Prince Jaron's crown symbolizes power and royalty, Prince Jaron's sword symbolizes how courageous he was, King Eckbert's letter symbolizes what the real Prince Jaron would do when he came home, Queen Erin's emerald box and diary symbolize how much she loved Jaron when she drew pictures and preserved them in the box and when she wrote about him in her diary, and a piece of imitators gold is what Jaron used to prove he was the real Prince Jaron. Sage The Royal Castle Conner's Home
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