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EOG Night

Thank you for joining us tonight!

Amber Smith

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of EOG Night

Welcome to EOG Night!!
Thank you for joining us!
Tonight we are going
to review:
What is assessed on the end
of grade test
Reading expectations
Math expectations
How to help your child
What and why?
Testing occurs in secure settings

Each test is given in a paper-pencil format
Teachers will administer to groups of children
A proctor will also be in the room to maintain accountability. Please sign up to help proctor!
The EOG is a state test
Stands for "End of Grade"
It is administered to all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders
4th graders will take tests on reading and math
The tests occur over consecutive days
The tests cover everything taught in reading and math in 4th grade
The test measures student growth
Determines effectiveness
Tests are aligned with the Common Core curriculum
Reading EOG
Why do we test?
What is it?
June 2nd
June 3rd
Students with IEPs, LEP plans and 504s will receive their specified accommodations
Reading strategies
The reading test has 52 multiple choice items
Test time: 180 minutes
Maximum time: 240 minutes
Students read authentic selections and then answer questions related to the selection
Explanation of percentages and break down of goals
Math Strategies
The math test has two different sections
Calculator Active
Calculator Inactive
Both sections are multiple choice
Approximately: 180 minutes
Maximum time: 240 minutes
Operations & Algebraic Thinking 12 - 17%
Geometry 12 - 17%
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten 22 - 27%
Numbers & Operations - Fractions 27 - 32%
Measurement & Data 12 - 17%
Calculator Active
27 items
Calculator Inactive
27 items
What happens if my child does not pass the EOG?
There will be retakes
Dates announced at a later date
Teachers have been keeping work samples

Important Vocabulary
Stay positive at home
Get enough sleep
Eat a healthy breakfast
How can I help my child?
Good attendance at school
Thank you for joining us tonight!!
We are so happy
you could make it!
What questions can we
help you with?
Both sections of the math test are given on the same day
Change in
proficiency levels
No Retest
There will be no retest this year in reading or math for 4th graders.
Google: NCDPI Released Test 4th Grade Reading
Google: NCDPI Released Test 4th Grade Math
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