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Brian's Winter

No description

Priyank Patel

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Brian's Winter

BRIAN'S WINTER By - GARY PAULSEN Message from the Author:
They told me Brian had been rescued in Hatchet too soon--before --it became really hard going." What would he have done, they wanted to know, if he had to survive on his own through the winter? Since my life has been one of survival in winter--running two Iditarods, hunting and trapping as a boy and young man--the challenge became interesting, and so I researched and wrote Brian's Winter, showing what could and perhaps would have happened had Brian not been rescued.
About this Book:
Thirteen-year old Brian Robeson learns to survive in the Canadian wilderness, armed only with his hatchet and knife. As time goes on Brian get smarter and smarter on survival skills, such as learning on how to make weapons and what kind of food to live on. As time keeps going, winter gets closer and closer. The only problem is that Brian is not prepared that well, because he is not aware of what the winter will be like. Setting:
The setting of the book is in the wilderness of Canada.
Personal Opinion
I would suggest this book to a person who likes adventures and to learn how to survive in the wilderness. The book is exciting and you can read other books about Brian by Gary Paulsen. Main Characters:
The main character is Brian Roberson. The minor characters are his parents and the pilot. Brian is a smart kid who knows a lot about survival. Brian is a man of action who is good at solving problems so that he could survive in the wilderness.

High Point:
The most exciting part of the book was when Brian heard the trees crackling. I was so excited to see what was going to happen next. I thought some guy was going to find Brian and take him back home.
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