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Career shadowing

No description

Jens Cadiz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Career shadowing The front office The machine they use
to dig the graves My mentor and me. The warehouse
they work in. The entrance to
the cemetery. Mentor: Cris Peddycort 1. Purpose of company? To main tain and care
for the cemetary. 2. Where will this
company be in 15 years? the tech will be the same but it will expand by 20 acers 3. What employability skills are
needed to work for this job? You need to be on time, shirt tucked, no
insubordination,and need to be respectful to the public. 4. average salary and education to work there? 54,000 and you need
a highschool deploma? 5. Technology in this job? computors, irragation,
backhoe, and tractor. Mentor's Questions My Questions 1. Skills needed for this job. need to be intligent, good with tools,
know how to use computers 2. would you pursue a
career in this company? No it does'nt seem that fun. 3. What did you like
bestabout this job? I like how we got
o dig graves. 4. What did you
dislike about this job? I didnt like how you have nothing to do that is really fun?
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