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How to make an american girl story PART 2

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Liz Rodriguez

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of How to make an american girl story PART 2

How to make an american girl story PART 2 If you are writing your book by hand, use your best handwriting on the book's pages. Tape the illustrations on the right pages.
If you are using a computer, make sure your pages are no larger than 5 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long. When your done writing put the pages in order. Cut the pages to the right size and tape/ glue the pages in your blank book. Double-sided tape works best. If you use glue, don't get it too near the edges of the page.
No matter how you did the book, put it under something heavy for a few days to keep the pages flat. Writing your story Complete "looking at today" In the book there should be a section called "looking at today". Since the theme is family life, fill the pages with words, pictures, photos, or drawings that show what America is like today. Here are some examples: Design your book Now that the story is complete, you can finish other parts of the story. Illustrations will make your story come alive. When you do the illustrations you need to draw them on seperate peices of paper, each 4 1/4 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches long. You should illustrate moments in the story that are scary, funny, or dramatic. Don' make scenes that are tricky to draw. The illustrations should catch the reader's attention, but not give away the whole story! Give yourself a pat on the back! Congratulations! You've done a great job. When you hold your finished book you should feel proud inside. Now, find a quiet spot around the room, curl up, and read a great book. Your american girl story! Planning Writing your final draft Sketches Ask yourself: What story do I want to tell?What happens to your american girl is called the plot of your story. Remember, all plots must have a conflict. You must give your american girl a problem to solve or a decision to struggle with. When you have finished "looking at today"you have just created a picture of what family life is like today Anyone who reads your book many years from now will understand the world your american girl lived in, both from the story your character and from the information you included in "looking at today". My My american girls K
n R
a M
a first draft:
Get out blank paper or turn on your computer. You are ready to begin.
Think of a plot and start writing your story.
Remember you can always change plans. A new character may walk into your story.Or you may think of a great plot twist. Review 1st draft:
When you finish writing your story, take a break.Go for a walk. Have a snack. When you are ready, read your first draft with a colored pencil in hand. Mark parts you want to change. As you read it, ask yourself these questions:
Did I give readers a clear picture of my characters?
Did I describe the setting clearly?
Did the story get dull in places?
Did I repeat a word or idea too often?
Was anything too unclear or confusing?
Did I leave out important parts?
Was the conflict or problem of the story clearly resolved?
Did I show what the main character learned or how she changed?
Did I tie up the loose ends by the end of the book? Revise 1st draft:
There is no such thing as a perfect first draft. All writers want to make changes to their stories once they have them on paper. Go ahead!
Rewrite parts that are confusing or dull.
Cut your paper apart and put paragraphs in new order.
Be ruthless! Cross out parts that don't fit or don't work.
Add explanations or descriptions to make your story lively and more vivid. Proofread:
Before you write your final draft, take time to proofread. You might want to ask a family member to double-check your work. Here is a good check-list to use:
Check for spelling mistakes, use the dictionary.
Check for periods and question marks at the end of sentences.
Make sure all names and words at the start of a sentence have capital letters.
Check to see that all the sentences make sense. Use a stencil to write the american girl's name and year on the cover and on the title page, which is the first page of each blank book.
Draw an illustration of your american girl on the cover and on the title page. Add illustrations to the family and friends pages, too.
Add a dedication and chapter titles.
Fill in "About the author" on the inside back cover. This should be easy since it's about you! Paste your school picture at the top.
Write a summary of your story on the back cover. Keep your ending a secret though! Write an essay or poem. Talk about how families live, what chores different family members do, what is difficult for families today, and what families enjoy. Show pictures of families Draw pictures of where families live and what they do together.
Cut out pictures from magazines that show things families have, the food they eat, their toys, or their furniture and appliances. Here are some ways to share the wonderful book you created: Share your book Read it aloud to family, friends, and classmates.
Save it and reread it yourself when you're older.
Make a copy and give it to a friend as a special gift.
Donate a copy to your school or town library.
Save it and share it with your kid(s) when their your age.
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