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The Odyssey vs. Percy Jackson

No description

Logan Sibel

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey vs. Percy Jackson

The Odyssey vs. Percy Jackson
12 Stages to a Hero's Journey

The 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey
1.) Uncomfortable home life
2.) Call to adventure
3.) Refusal of the call
4.) Meeting with the mentor
5.) Crossing the threshold
6.) Test, allies and enemies
7.) The approach
8.) Ordeal
9.) Reward
10.) The road back
11.) Resurrection
12.) Return with the elixir

Step One: Uncomfortable Home
Step Three: Refusal of the Call
Odysseus, not wanting to go to Troy, pretends to be insane. He begins to plow a field with an ox and a horse, tow animals that did not work together well. The Greeks then put his son in front of the plow, forcing him to stop.
As for Percy, he simply refuses to believe what is going on.
Biography of Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell was born in 1904 and died in 1987. Campbell taught at Sarah Lawrence college and wrote many books on mythology. He created the 12 steps to a hero's journey, which are a group of events that occur in many myths and stories.
In the Odyssey, Odysseus does not appear to have any sort of uncomfortable life at home. He has a normal life and nothing seems to be the matter.
Percy, however, does have an extremely uncomfortable home. Percy has a horrible step father who treats Percy's mom inappropriately. Also, Percy's home itself is uncomfortable, as he lives in a shabby, broken down apartment with not much moving space.
Step Two: Call to Adventure
Odysseus is called to uphold an oath he made to go to Troy; this is his call to adventure. Since he had made an oath, it is somewhat of an obligation.
Percy, on the other hand, is simply taken to Camp Half Blood by his mother and Grover.
Odysseus and Athena
Step Four: Meeting the Mentor
Odysseus' mentor is most likely Athena. She helps him more than once throughout his journey. One time is when Odysseus finds the Olive branch to blind Polyphemus. The Olive branch is one of the symbols of Athena.

Percy meets Mr. Brewner/Cirum 25 min into movie(show clip).
Step Five: Crossing the Threshold
Step Five: Crossing the Threshold
Odysseus crosses the threshold when he goes to the underworld.

In Percy Jackson, the threshold is crossed when Percy and Grover reach Camp Half Blood.
Step Six: Tests
Allies and Enemies
In the Odyssey, Odysseus and his men face many quests such as facing Cyclopes, Sirens and going to the underworld. For the most part, Odysseus is skilled and a good leader, but his men are somewhat unloyal.

In Percy Jackson, the scene with capture the flag shows testing of allies and enemies.It tests Luke's and Annabeth's abilities.
Step Seven: Approach
Odysseus disguises as a beggar to plan revenge on the suitors who have taken his house without being seen. This also relates back to step four. Athena is known for her cleverness and wisdom and a plan like this is quite wise.

Percy meets Luke with Grover and Annabeth and Luke gives them equipment for the journey before they set off.
Step Nine: Reward
It takes Odysseus ten years to reach his home in Ithaca and his reward is returning home after his long, strenuous journey.

For Percy, his reward is to get his mom back and to save the world from a war between the gods. Both of them are able to be reunited with someone they love.
Step Ten: Road Back
For the Odyssey, the road back would probably be when Odysseus goes to meet with his father after returning home. (although arguably the entire Odyssey is Odysseus' return home).

Percy's road back is when he fights Luke over Zeus' thunderbolt.
Step Eleven:
Resurrecting Hero
There is no point in the end where Odysseus would be the Resurrecting hero, besides possibly Penelope's final test.

However, Percy Jackson does confront this step. Percy gives the thunderbolt to Zeus before he goes back to his life.
Step Twelve: Return
with the Elixir
There is really no case of Odysseus "returning with an elixir besides for finishing his journey.

In Percy Jackson his elixir is the return of the stolen lightning bolt.

The connections between Percy Jackson and Odysseus are very direct. Percy Jackson was written as a modernization of the Greek Myths and therefore borrows directly from the classic mythological structure. However, the fact that both the Greeks and the people of the modern era both enjoy books with the 12 steps speaks volumes of the universality of the 12 steps. The general story contained within the 12 steps show what many, if not all, cultures think is an ideal life. A person will face many trials and tribulations, but in the end they will return with something to improve the world.
The ordeal in the Odyssey is the battle with the suitors which is Odysseus' plan for revenge.

Similarly, in the sense of battle, Percy has to get pearls so he can get out of the underworld. Getting these pearls makes him face many challenges such as facing a hydra, Medusa, and lotus eaters.
Step Eight: Ordeal
By Ryan Teevens, Chris Prus and Logan Sibel

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