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How Fast Can You Grow? Seed Germination in Different Soils

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Ceirra Ransome

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of How Fast Can You Grow? Seed Germination in Different Soils

How Fast Can You Grow? Seed Germination in Different Soils
By: Ceirra Ransome

Organic soil will cause the seeds to live longer and grow faster than potting soil.
Organic choice soil
Scotts Moisture Advantage Potting Soil
Organic Soil
Free of man-made chemicals and consists of a large portion of organic material
Contains macronutrients, which are needed for the plants to grow vigorously.
The three major soil nutrients found in organic soil are: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potash (K)
Potting (Regular) Soil
Mineral that is used for the growth of plants.
Composed of solids, liquids, and gasses that occurs on the lands surface and occupies space.
Has organic material.
Contains millions of pesticides
Provides nutrients required to help young plants develop.
Potting (Regular) Soil
Organic Matter
Decomposition of animal remains or plant waste.
Supplies nutrients
Water-holding capacity
Causes soil to clump and form together
Reduces the chance of soil erosion
Moderates the changes of soil temperature
The Experiment
One pot has organic soil and one pot has potting soil. There are a total of 22 seed, so there are 11 seeds in each pot. Both were watered equally and got the same amount of sunlight.
Day 3
By day three of the experiment, the seeds in the organic soil had grown about 1.5 cm. The seeds in the regular soil had grown 2 cm.
Day 6
The seed in the organic soil is now at 2.45 cm, but the plant's roots are starting to change into a darkened brown color and the leaves were showing signs of aging. The plant in the potting soil is now at 3.75 cm. There are still seeds clinging at the top of the leaves.
Day 9- Last Day of Germination
Most of the plants in the organic soil have slumped down. Some of the stems are very weak and flimsy. Moreover, some of the leaves a are brittle. However, the seeds in the potting soil are very strong and healthy. Moreover they are now at a height close to 5 cm.
Data Chart
Based on the data that I have collected,I have come to the conclusion that my original hypothesis was incorrect. Potting soil has greater results than organic soil.
Organic Soil
Potting Soil
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