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The Neo-Liberal State

No description

Andy Shi

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Neo-Liberal State

The Neo-Liberal State
David Harvey's definition of Neo-liberalism
Theoretically, A global form of market fundamentalism.
In practicality, a ideological tool used by the state to achieve class re-domination. Lead by Reagan & Thatcher, the Chicago Boys designed a economic formula that was imposed privatization, deregulation, and financialization both nationally and globally. This
always resulted in destruction of previous structure
(e.g. welfare, deunionization, healthcare)

The Role of the State
Contradictions of neoliberalism
-No answer to Monopoly.
-Externality, Failure of competition.
-Assumption of symmetry of information and power in the system.
-A blind belief in technology in problem solving
-Individuals are pushed away from a collective life (disciplined by globalization)

Contradictions contin.
-Small government but it has to actively create business climate
-Authoritarianism vs Individual freedom
-The Wolves Of wall Street
-Competition vs oligarchy
-The extremity of commodification leads to the destruction of solidarity, fostering the dangerous forces against neoliberal agenda
Conclusion: the neo-liberal state is Inherently Unstable

Theoretically, the state must utilize its monopoly of violence to protect individual property rights, free markets and free trade.
Privitization is key. Individuals are responsible for themselves.
Mobility of capital is crucial.
State market surrenders to global market
Democracy is a potential threat to
Individual rights. Key decisions should
be Isolated.

The Neo-Conservative Answer
-Militarization to regulate individual interest through coercion.
-Creation of moral community
Is the neo-liberal state a transitional state? Does the neo-conservative agenda effectively solve the contradictions of neo-liberalism
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