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K - Building for the Future; Reinvesting from the Past

No description

Jeremy Luft

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of K - Building for the Future; Reinvesting from the Past

Learning Commons
Additional Classroom Space
Cultural Arts
Increased Viewing Area
Active Learning Spaces at Elementary School
Important Dates
Board Discussion: Sept 2018 - Dec 2018
Putnam Valley Middle School
Health & Wellness Center
Physical Education/Health Space
Building our Students' Future;
By Reinvesting from our Past

: Student Learning Environment, Student Experience, and Student Wellness
: No Increase in Taxes

Project's Impact on Tax Levy - $0
Estimated Total State Building Aid - $6,300,000
Capital Project Summary
Innovative and Flexible Classroom Spaces
Creation of Learning Commons (Library)
Cultural Arts Spaces
Infrastructure Upgrades
Health and Wellness
Timely Opportunity
Fiscally Responsible
Built: 1972
Today: 2018
Building Upgrades
Updated Bathroom Facilities
Innovative Learning Spaces
Anticipated Vote: December 4, 2018
SEQRA: August 2018
Construction Start Date: Spring 2020
Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2021
Get Involved
Project Implementation Committee:
Questions: Dr. Jeremy Luft
Dow Jones Tops - 1000
Ford Pinto $2,078
Gallon of Gas - 55 cents
Average Cost of new house $27,550.00

Average Income per year $11,800.00
On TV: All in the Family (CBS)
On Radio: Don McLean - American Pie
Research Center
Modern Library
Study Area
Expanded Capacity
Increased Flexibility
Movable Walls
New Kitchen
Increased Food Offerings
Food Cooked On Site
Upgraded Audio/Visual
New Soundproof Lesson Rooms
New Choral Space
Accommodate Larger Functions
New Entry Way Canopy
Upgrades to Gymnasium
Covered Walkway
Effective Use of Space
Interscholastic Sports Practice Space
Indoor Recess Venue
Community Access
Additional Flexible Classrooms at MS
Small Group Instructional Spaces
Upgrades to ES Auditorium/Gym Space
Estimated Project Principal Cost - $14,200,000
Work Environment
Focus On Outdoor Learning Spaces
Register to Vote: Before November 21, 2018
Increased Home Values
Adverse Affect on Tax Levy Calculation
Classroom Environment
Ubiquitous Access To Information
Work Environment
Contact: Jeannie Denike jdenike@pvcsd.org
$50/Square Ft
49% More Expensive
91% School Boundaries
HVAC Systems
Built 1935
Buick Series 40 $925
Gallon of Gas - 10 cents
Average Cost of new house $3,450

Average Income per year $1,600
On Radio: Bing Crosby - Soon
Work Environment
Babe Ruth's Final Home Run
Learning Environment
Graduating Class
Learning Environment
Graduating Class
Work Environment
Sixth Grade in PV
Learning Environment
"I'm not just the Deputy Superintendent, I'm also a client
Future Projects At Risk
Staffing and Programs at Risk
Facilities Planning Committee
Address Current Issues
Cafeteria/Kitchen Space
Financed over 15 years
Date: September 26, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: PVMS ALL Room
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