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Renee Schley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Archimedes


About Archimedes
Archimedes was a greek mathematician. He lived between the year of 287 BC - 212 BC. He was born in Syracuse, Italy. No one know if he was married or even had children in his whole life. His father was Phidias. Archimedes family was somehow related to king Hiero. When he was alive he was not only a mathematician but also a physicist, engineer, inventor and an astronomer. Archimedes was also known as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity.
Events while Archimedes was alive:
During the 278 BC, Pyrrhos, king of Greek city of Epirus, rule over Syracuse and also the rest of Greek. In 756 and 755 BC, Pyrrohs leaves, and so Hiero takes over Greek. But at the age on 91, he died in 215 BC. After his death, in 214 BC five females from his family was put to death.
What the Archimedes's screw is use for:
The Archimedes's screw or also called the screwpump, is historically use for transferring water from a low-land place
This is all of the numbers of Pi.
May I also mention that in 213 BC , Marcellus attacks syracuse, but, he is defeated by Archimedes military Machines.
Archimedes Contributions:
One thing that Archimedes contribute was that he did the calculation of Pi, he also did the calculation of the volume of a sphere. Another one is that he created the Archimedes screw.
The volume of a sphere is.......
HURRAY WE ARE DONE!!! I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Thanks for listening.
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