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Improv and Creative Confidence

No description

Zach Beattie

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Improv and Creative Confidence

Don't be afraid to play
Remember that "listening is the willingness to change"
You can PRACTICE creativity
Stay in the present moment
View "radical ideas" as gifts
Applying improv at Missouri Realtors Association
Using Improv to Build Creative Confidence
Conventional organizations have an atmosphere that instinctively rejects anything counter-cultural.
Improv and Innovation
"Life is a game of imperfection. By embracing failure, you make sure that you don't become a failure."
What does improv teach us?
Respond to situations naturally and avoid "jumping ahead"
Utilize the resources at hand
Open to the reassembly of and departure from routines
Confidence in decisions
Forces you to avoid getting distracted by memories or anticipation (AKA "Getting out of your head"!)
The Rules
1. "Yes, and"
2. Listen, listen, listen
3. Make your partners look like geniuses
4. Stick with your decision
5. Let yourself "fail"
6. Relax and have fun
Improv is a process.
Not about being funny
It's about spontaneity, imagination, and taking the unexpected and then doing something unexpected with it
What is improv?
Comedic improv: "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
Musical improvisation: Jazz, Piano
Improvised rap
Apollo 13
Improv as a tool for creativity
More and more companies are using improv to brainstorm, collaborate, and improve user experience
Activity #1
Activity #2
Activity #3
Activity #5
Activity #4
"Yes, and" Product Development
Respect your partner. Avoid "Yes, but..."
"The practice of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of ones immediate environment. This can result in new thought patterns, new practices, new structures, and/or new ways to act."
Companies care about creativity
FastCompany releases 100 Most Creative Companies list
60% of CEO's feel that creativity is most important quality of a leader in the next 5 years (IBM)
The Challenge
We constantly observe our environment to make mental predictions about what will happen next
Encouraging employees to be innovative doesn't inherently lead to innovative employees
Education systems & and other organizations have trained us to think in certain ways
"Meeting often start with improv warmups."
“Every idea is a great one. It’s accepted with gratitude and built upon. It’s a shift out of analytical space rather than bulletproofing an idea based on what won't work. I do this all the time in my own head and
Yes, And
Have fun & relax!
Let yourself fail
Stick with your decision
Your partners are geniuses
Listen, listen, listen
"The sky is a lovely green today."
"Why yes, yes it is."
Activity #6
Activity #7
Activity #8
Make a bold choice and don't second guess it.
The most basic rule of entrepreneurship is also the most basic rule of improv. There are no mistakes, only opportunities
We are all experts at pretending to listen.
Agree with your partners decision, and then add information.
As we grow up, we slowly start to lose our sense of
Engaging in something just because we enjoy it.
Don't be afraid of silence in meetings
Understand that asking questions is a way to transfer pressure
You can take the amateur approach; stop the scene, destroy the momentum, and start over. Or you can be a pro; adapt to the change, make it your own, and do something greater.
Find specificity when communicating
"What's in this box?"
"That party was great." vs
"Singing Karoake with Jane at my sister Mary's baby shower was too much fun!"
Give it at least 8 seconds
"We don't have the capacity, the time, the resources, etc."
"What's the role of the Missouri Realtors Association?"
Example: Wave of Millennials that rely on technology
"So what you're saying is..."
You Can Count on Me
Expert Press Conference
What's in your box?
A. The shampoo bottle is empty.
B. So what you are saying is... the container of liquid for hair cleansing no longer has anything in it. There is a new one in the cupboard.
A. So what you are saying is... that there's an un-opened full shampoo bottle in the storage area under the bathroom sink. Let's throw the empty one away.
B. So what you are saying is... we should place the container out of sight in a plastic receptacle.
some of the best ideas
never see the light of day."
Everyone can
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