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Napoleonic Code

To What Extent Did the Napoleonic Code of 1804 Reflect the Key Ideals of the French Revolution?

Marcus Wei

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Napoleonic Code

NAPOLEONIC CODE Liberté, égalité, fraternité KEY IDEALS OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTIOn napoleon bonaparte "The exercise of civil rights is independent of the quality of a citizen."
-napoleonic Code liberty by Marcus wei What is liberty? "the state of being within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views" “Liberty to every man to speak, write, print, and publish his opinions without having his writings subject to any censorship before their publication.”
-Constitution of 1791 freedom of the press "Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those which assure to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights. These limits can only be determined by law."
-The Declaration of the Rights of Man “Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.”
-Napoleonic code completely displays the key ideal of liberty equality civil rights
womens rights equality for all man “Every Frenchman shall enjoy civil rights.”
-napoleonic code To what Extent did the Napoleonic Code of 1804 Reflect the Key Ideals of the French Revolution? “All citizens, without distinction of birth, are eligible to any office or dignity.”
-Decree Abolishing the Feudal System Anyone from any class no matter what their status can apply for any position not only equal rights but also equal chance of success “Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.”
-The Declaration of the Rights of Man completely reflect the key ideal of equality Fraternity "the state or feeling of friendship and mutual support within a group" wait.. What?? Does that mean some like... BEfriend thy neighbor,
or be sentence to death? doesn't that contradict with...

the ideal of being free? the ideal of fraternity DOES NOT reflect however... it is reflected in other histocial documents The tennis court oath "Decrees that all members of this Assembly shall immediately take a solemn oath not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established and consolidated upon firm foundations; and that, the said oath taken, all members and each one of them individually shall ratify this steadfast resolution by signature. "
-the tennis court oath non-dying spirit for revolution "What is the end of our revolution? The tranquil enjoyment of liberty and equality!"
-Maximilien Robespierre Stated in law that...
All man is equal and free other laws enforcing justice So what? Laid the bases of other country's law today
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