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New Jersey AM

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on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of New Jersey AM

New Jersey
Economic Location
New Jersey makes a lot of money by there fun places that a lot of people enjoy like the 15 water parks they have to make money on of the water parks is Run Way Rapids located in 275 Beachway Ave. Keansburg
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
The capital of New Jersey is Trenton one intresting event in Trenton is that George Wasington defeated Endlands army in there first Revelutionary War
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
New Jersey's Economy
New Jersey's History
New Jersey's Geography
New Jersey's Government
Road Trip Distance
1655, the dutch take over New Sweden 1664,the English take over the dutch colony and call it new jersey. 1776, George Washington's army win battle of Trenton on the day of December 26th new jersey adopts to their first state constitution 1804 new jersey passes a gradual abolition for the slavery law, 60 years before the Civil War. 1807 the legislature women from their right of voting. 1838 Samual Morse invents the first successful electric telegraph. 1844 New Jersey adopts it's outstanding second state constitution.1858Americans almost complete an amazing dinosaur skeleton discovery in Haddon Field 1912 Governor Woodrow Wilson is elected as the 28th U.S president
Some fun places to visit in New Jersey are:
Adventure Aquarium located in Camden
Insectropolis loca
The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. The governor is Chris Christie. Democrats:6, Republicans:6 State senators:40 The state representives:80, Counties :21
3 weird laws
1.you can't drive past a skate border without honking first.
2. try to stay up beat if you get pulled over for speeding it is alegal to frown at a police officer
3. you are not allowed to pump your own gas
New Jersey makes money by making products made like detertgent or vimamins you might be using something made from New Jersey right now or there might be many rearsources at your house
New Jerseys state animal is the horse and our state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch, also our state flower is the purple violet. We even have a state motto which is Liberty and prosperity and this has been used for over 150 years now
1.This is a road map
2. this a population map
3. this is a physical map
4. This is a political
The state bird is an eastern goldfinch and this video will tell you where it lives and this bird is part of the finch family
New jersey's public beach is a fun place to relax or dip into the cool chrisp water
this is located in 4400 new jersey avenue wildwood NJ
Run Rapids to the Bargnet light house is 44 miles. Bargnet light house to Wildwood is 68 miles and, Wildwood to Trenton is 80 miles . Then Trenton to Camden is 24 miles . Then Camden to WCE is 1,724 miles. Our total amount of miles is 1,940

The light house in New Jersey will shine once again . 1859 the New Jersey light house was being shined again. the new jersey light house is located in 208 Broadway bargenat light ,NJ
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