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The Fed Cont...

Mr. Barkes

Daniel Barkes

on 13 October 2009

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Transcript of The Fed Cont...

The Fed Cont... Essential Questions: 1.How does the Fed balance the issues of recession and depression
2.What is the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy.
Balancing Inflation and Recession Teacher Notes Vocabulary Quiz:
The three functions of money
Commodity Money
Fiat Money
Specia Money
Credit Union
The Federal Reserve
Monetary Policy
Board of Governors
Goals of the Fed
Jobs of the Fed
Discount Rate Loan
Reserve Requirements
Easy Money policy
Tight Money policy
Open Market Operations Discount Rate Loan:
Amount of interest the Fed charges a bank to borrow money. Reserve Requirements:
The Fed can tell a bank how much the bank has to keep in reserves Easy Money Policy:
Want everyone to have money
1.Lowers Discount Rate
2. Lower Requirements
3.Buy Bonds
Tight Money Policy:
Don't want people to have money
1. High Discount Rate
2. High Bank Requirements
Sell Bonds Open Market Operations:
Buy/Sell Bonds
Buy: Want you to have money
Sell: Don't want you to have money Prime Rate Loan:
Interest rate that consumers
pay when they borrow from a bank Fiscal Policy:
Anything that has to do with taxes
& what is done with your tax money The Fed has nothing to do with fiscal policy Congress & President make decisions Tax:
Money paid to the government
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