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my life

No description

laura dowdy

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of my life

My family.
My dad
My dad . He is a maniac he is good at it. He loves to see his money.He gets about 20$ a hour. He is good at it that is why we love him. He never gives up. His name is Raymond
my mom
My mom. She works with wood. She works at a mill. She gets more then $2000. That is a lot of money. She is going to work her hole life. Wail as long she can.
My grandma
My grandpa
My grandpa. My grandpa is a passer at a church in riddle. It is called open bible. It is so fun to be there. My dad works there as a sound man. I get to go up and see him.
My grandma. My grandma works at a church. She sigh people in so she noise that they are there. I walk there some times when my parents are out of town.
That is all
My Dogs
We have two black lade red healer. They are so nice they. Like people that touch each of them they will foo you. If you pet them they will attack you. If you go away from them you no what i mean.
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