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The wonderful world of f

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on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of The wonderful world of f

The wonderful world of farms/Iowa
by Elena Barth
Iowa has 90,000 farms
State bird- Gold Finch
State tree- Oak
State rock- Geode
State flower- Wild Rose
State song- Song of Iowa
I have been to Iowa 6 times
Abbreviation- IA
Capital- Des Moines
Governor- Terry E Branstand
99 counties
100 state representatives

-Iowa produces 1/5 of nations corn
and 1/4 of its pork
-Some top business things are farming and machinery
-Besides California, Iowa is the top farm producing state to other countries
-Some of the very popular products sold in Iowa are oats hay soybeans cattle and dairy products
Fun Facts
Iowa is famous for rolling hills and some of the richest and deepest topsoil in the USA
Iowa used to be covered in warm seas
26th largest state
Iowa's lakes lead to the Mississippi river
- Over the past few years in Iowa factories have become much more popular than farms
- Iowas nickname is the corn state
- During World War 1 the prices for corn went up very high
-Because of the high prices during the war many people were forced to give up their farms
Iowa comes from an indian word meaning this is the place or the beautiful land
Fun Location
Blank Park Zoo
83 state parks
10 state forests
Blank park zoo has 49 acres
22 of the acres in the Blank park zoo
have been used on animal exhibits and
on facilities
104 different species
1,484 different specimens
Government Location
Iowa's state capital building
Has a marble dome
It was built in 1886
Designers were John C.Cochrane and
Alfred H.Piquenard
Address- Grand Ave. and E. 12th st,
Des Moines
Economic location
Albert the Bull
Worlds largest bull and it may even be the heaviest
20,00 visitors per year
Its frame is made from discarded wind mill steel
Its a perfect replica of Hereford the bull, but 9 times bigger
Geographic location
Loess Hills
In some cases the hills can reach
up to 350 feet
These hills were the first to
rise in land beyond the flood plain
Designed in 1986

Historic location
PS. Thank you Ms. Hedsler !
people were a group of German immigrants
This place was founded in 1855
Maintained a self sufficient economy for 80 years
Specialized in hand cattle and farming occupations
It is now a tourist spot
Amana Colonies
Road map of Iowa
gelogical map
Road trip distince
total amount
1,206.6 miles
population map
topegrafical map
Tresure map
the state capital building of Iowa to Albert the bull =78.7 miles

albert the bull to loess hills =78.9 miles

loess hills to amana colonies= 240 miles

amana colonies to blank park zoo= 133 miles

blank park zoo to denver colorodo= 676 miles
Thanks for watching
go Ms.Grants room!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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