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Stirling Presentation

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

Jen Ann Lang Kirkwood

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Stirling Presentation

SQH Even more possibilities ? Chartered
Teacher We're educators, ITE conclusions* * Research is the area in which universities should excel and lead
* Teacher need to see themselves as reciprocal partners in research; currently teachers see themselves as knowledge implementors rather than knowledge producers.
* There are many existing structures upon which to build.
* There are "spaces" for further development &contribution.
* Specific questions about ITE, challenges &constradictions to address. we're in the business of change... CPD research must enhance the ongoing change and improvement within schools... Teachers! "(an)...education system is only as good as its teachers..." why are teachers research reluctant? By considering these five existing opportunities, I hope to begin a conversation about the reality of existing impact we have on primary education and areas for development. "Distributive coordinated leadership at all levels of the system is key" Fullan (2009)
"Continued culture work needs to be undertaken to further erode enduring professional norms..." GTCS Report (2008)
Looking to change a culture Leadership, Management & Engagement Induction Career Entry Profile is brought by probationers to schools from university. "Supporters and
Head Teachers were virtually unanimous that the profile was not valuable as a planning tool..." GTC (2010) ... "Finally! I'm a real teacher. I don't have to worry about all that rubbish at uni." Some local authorities promote a research project for probationers during this formative year...how can we reach out to support and further promote this positive step?

Can we provide opportunities for probationers to share their research with ITE students?
(Paradigm Shift - knowledge creators)

We should be involved in the preparation of mentors/supporters, to further support their vital role during this year.

Early career teachers need research mentors to help them map out the next steps in their development. University School 1 2 3 An easy way to express yourself is to play with text layout. Can we enhance this? Team Opinion Leader Goals Risks leads the crowd
never listens .............02.............................04...................................06.................................08.................................10 what is research
telling us about
impact? 1,010 Chartered Teachers in Scotland, March 2010 - A milestone Within the existing realms there's room to contribute further... April, 2010 How does university education contribute
to primary education? " "Chartered Teachers' focus is on the craft of the teacher and on the sharing of good practice with colleagues. Consequently, they can play a key role in the leadership of learning and the promotion of high standards in our classrooms" Anthony Finn
GTC Chief Exec (2010) We must remember that universities work at the nexus of practice, policy & research.

There are many ways in which university education contributes... Bodies of knowledge to explore More than "locating" info formative Develop understandings social, personal, mentored challenging Students progress through a pre-determined course Who's job is it anyway? Higher Education... That's All Folks! Quiz: How was this pig made?
Hint: It's only Prezi, no Clipart. How are we doing in Scotland?

New entrants to the profession are, "...more prepared for self-evaluation" and, "...see CPD as a part of their duty" Thank You Presenter: Jennifer Kirkwood
Date: 28th April, 2010
Presentation available at:
http://prezi.com/j-nc2hnrjrct/ ICER(2009) 4 INITIAL TEACHER EDUCATION (BEd or PDGE) Year Discussion Time The Audit Scotland Mid-Term Report (2006) reported that recent entrants and younger teachers hold more positive perceptions of CPD than colleagues with longer length of service(SP Paper 795, 2007:4) Required 35hrs CPD Professional culture among new
entrants to the teaching profession, University of Glasgow, (Nov 2008) TEACHER
SCHEME "ripples, impact, collaboration..." That CPD after TIS
needs to continue to
meet teacher's needs PEDAGOGY THEORY VALUES BELIEFS skills RESEARCH PRACTICE POLICY curriculum content Partnership Development, focus esp. since 1990s Initial Teacher Education is the first stage in a process of professional education (no longer considered "training")

It is the foundation on which all further professional development is built. No more "drive-by" CPD Listen to research PL communities what do we know
about change? To reform the whole system, first develop the entire teaching profession Michael Fullan (2009) Seemingly competing agendas within Scottish
ITE (craft/teaching vs. research) can be answered
and through doing so, Universities can better
contribute to Primary Education in Scotland. We know that teachers are
the most important resource.

We know we also need leaders. Individuals are
not enough
to make a
culture change... And it's not just probationers that feel that way
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