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Persuasive Prezi

Texting and Driving

Coleman Spilde

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Prezi

[stance:] I am against texting on a mobile device while driving and think it should be illegal in all 50 states. [Texting While Driving] [Opposition] Texting while driving is convenient
Texting is more safe than driving drunk It's easier to text than have a phone conversation. [suppoting my stance] Texting and driving ismore dangerous than drunk driving. The crash rate is 8 times greater while texting than while not. Voice activated technology or even calling is more safe than texting. Driving distractions are responsible for almost 80% of accidents. Reactions decreased by 35 percent when Texting and Driving. In the UK you can be jailed up to 5 years for texting and driving. Drivers who text are more likely to drift out of their lane. 87% of people surveyed say that texting is a "very serious" threat.
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