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The Future of Magazine Journalism

No description

Lee Hall

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The Future of Magazine Journalism

The Future of
Magazine Journalism
Lee Hall, May 4 2010 "Burn the boats" Portable Inspiring learning experiences Transfer deadline day 10,000 visits to blog page
4,200 comments from readers
60,000+ views on students' stories “It gave me a great insight into how these things actually work,
and made me want to be a journalist more than ever.” Anthony Gair

“The deadline day live blog was a great piece of work. Congratulations to you and
the students on a job well done.” Alan Greenwood, Editor, Scotsman.com "We will bend over backwards to give University of Sunderland
students real-world experience. We are keen to build a relationship
to benefit your students and our communities."
Matt Pierce, group publisher Future Publishing UK magazine audience Blogosphere - Tavi Gevinson
Tablets and new platforms Digital is here Big winners Community-driven Desirable Magazines and Their Websites
By Victor Navasky with Evan Lerner
Columbia Journalism Review
March 2010 "This restructure was the first phase in realising our long-term strategy and is working well. While print remains the engine that drives our
business, we are increasingly
focussing on accelerating the
development of our multi-platform
offerings to our consumers."
IPC media chief executive
Evelyn Webster, April 2010

Way ahead 75,367,795 Time spent consuming traditional media/ month (up from 11 hours 40 minutes six months ago) - YouGov poll commissioned by KPMG, April 2010 Total UK monthly magazine circulation for second half of
2009 (down 2,000 on 2008) www.abc.org.uk 12 hours 13 minutes Relevance
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