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INternet Connection

No description

Izz Zarif

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of INternet Connection

internet connection
Problem in uniten
What is internet ?
A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.
IT communications
Lecturer : Mdm Thaharah
Section : 02
Muhd Izz Zarif Aziz Bin Dewaluddin GM090338
Muhd Azril Hilmi Bin Azman IS090050
Muhd Alif Haiqal Bin Muhd Najib IS089998
Muhd Hafiz Bin Azizan IS090054
Abdul Rahman Bin Hamirdin GM084432
The Purpose
Problem statement
How often do you
use internet in a day ?
Majority of UNITEN students agree that the use the internet more than 7 hour in a day.
Do you face any problem while connecting to WIFI ?
Most of UNITEN students experiencing the
difficulty to connect to the WIFI
does internet effect your quality of study ?
More than half of UNITEN students admit that internet does effect their studies
What are the Purpose of Internet ?
To communicate, learn and gain knowledge from varieties of sources.
find out what is the factor that leads to internet problem in uniten
Can't connect to internet
Slow internet connection
Internet connection not stable
Small Wi-Fi range
High usage bandwidth
Identify the best solution that can be applied and implemented to the internet problem.
Analyse the internet problem in UNITEN and how students are affected by this problem.
Improve wifi range by install a few "Repeater"
Unblock unnecessery website and apps block
Purchase better and faster internet services.
Internet does effect student study quality
Slow and poor internet connections need to be overcome immediately
Internet is everything
We did a survey with w UNITEN students regarding Internet connections problem and we use their feedback as our reference.
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