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Cinderella Monomyth Cycle

No description

melissa valentini

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Cinderella Monomyth Cycle

The Magic Flight Rescue from Without Crossing of the Return Threshold - The King wants his son to settle down and get married, so he holds a ball to celebrate the prince's return and invites all of the eligible maids so he is bound to be interested in one.

- When Cinderella's family receives an invitation to a royal ball, Cinderella makes a deal with her evil step-mother that if she finishes all her chores and finds a suitable dress she can go to the ball.

- When Cinderella receives her call to action, she becomes a threat to her evil step-sisters The Call to Adventure - The love shared between Cinderella and the Prince.

- Hero is ready to obtain what she set out for Ultimate Boon Part 3 - The Return - Cinderella does not refuse the call. It gets taken away from her when her step-mother and step-sisters make sure she has plenty of chores to do so that she does not have time to prepare for the ball.

- When Cinderella's birds and mice show her the dress they made, she believes she can still go to the ball until her step-sisters see her and rip her dress apart, taking away her call once again. Refusal of the Call - Cinderella's fairy godmother appears and provides her with a beautiful gown, horse carriage, coach and coachman so that she can attend the ball.

- The fairy godmother is Cinderella's protective figure. She is elderly and provides Cinderella with everything she needs to attend the ball and have the prince intrigued by her. Supernatural Aid - Cinderella becomes one with the prince, they both fall in love with each other.

- Her idea of reality has changed now that she is in love. Apotheosis - In Cinderella, the atonement is not with the father, but the opinion of everyone attending the ball. Everyone is mesmerized by Cinderella's beauty and charm. Atonement with the Father - In this story with a female hero, the "goddess" is the prince.

- Cinderella finds true love within the prince. Meeting with the Goddess - Cinderella is not allowed to tell the prince who
she is. She must leave before midnight because that is when all of the magic wears off.

- She has to return home to her evil family and hard work after a magical filled night of romance, Road of Trials Belly of the Whale
- Cinderella steps out of her familiar home where she is a servant, and steps into the palace that she is unfamiliar with, becoming a mysterious beauty.

- The magic allows her to cross the initial threshold but she had to get past the threshold guardian, her step-mother. Her step-mother wanted to cross the threshold as well so her daughters can get a chance with the prince.She tried blocking the way for Cinderella as she knew she would outshine her daughters. Crossing of the First Threshold - Finally, Cinderella and the Prince are together. Her two identities of being the mysterious beauty at the ball and the family servant are recognized by her family. Master of Two Worlds - They lived happily ever after Freedom to Live Cinderella Modern Hero Quest By: Melissa Valentini Part 2 - Initiation Refusal to Return Part 1 - The Departure - She is transformed by her fairy godmother from a servant into a magical beauty.

- The hero is transformed and becomes ready for the adventure ahead - Cinderella does not want to leave the magical world so she stays until the clock begins to strike midnight - Cinderella rushes home losing a shoe on her way, and the magic then begins to wear off. She returns initially without the boon, - Cinderella's rescue is her magical shoe.

- The only way to identify who was with the prince at the ball is by one slipper. The King orders the Grand Duke to search for the woman whose foot will fit it perfectly. - The shoe only fits Cinderella's foot,
so she is now free to return with her prince charming. Archetypal Characters Cinderella - Heroine - She is rescued from her evil family through the love of a prince. Fairy God Mother - Mentor - Takes the place of Cinderella's real mother and plays the role of the mentor as she supplies spells and magic in order for Cinderella to succeed on her quest Evil Step-Mother - Shadow - Creates many obstacles for the Cinderella in order to try and make the her struggle and not succeed her quest. For example, giving her tons of chores to do so she cannot attend the ball and locking her in her room so only the step-sisters could try on the slipper. Comparing to Other Literature Studied 1. Cinderella and Frankenstein - Cinderella's evil step-mother wanted revenge on Cinderella because she knew she would outshine her daughters, so she locked her up in her bedroom so that she was unable to try on the slipper. The monster in Frankenstein wanted revenge on Victor because he was upset that he was horrendous and nobody could stand looking at him without running away, so he murdered those who were close to Victor. 2. Cinderella and The Wars -In Cinderella she sings about "one day my prince will come" this displays the theme of perseverance as she is never giving up on her dreams. In The Wars, Robert Ross displays perseverance when he doesn't give up on war even after seeing his fellow soldiers hurt and dead.
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