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Zero Client Computing

No description

Omer Mahgoub

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Zero Client Computing

Zero Client Computing
Bay Less, Get More
How ???
Desktop Vitualization
Uses Cases:
- Schools
It's an approach of delivering virtual
Desktops that leverages a new line of:

- Low Cost
- High Performance

On a
What is VDI? How it works?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the technology used to provide end-users with a dramatic
improvement in user experience
across a wide
variety of tasks and end point locations
reducing the TCO
(Total Cost of Ownership) as well as
Operation Cost
is a software-based technology
that separates
the Operating System Environment and All applications associated with it
from the physical client device that is used to access it.
Desktop Virtualization
Multiple Virtual Desktop
Benefits :
1. Load Balancing
2. Resilience
How it works?
No Software
Data Center
What are the benefits??
Managements and IT:
- Cost saving
- Centralize management and troubleshooting.
- Security and High availabilty.
Management is Centralized
Any maintenance, upgrade, troubleshoot or any change is done via Administrator console
Desktop creation can be
totally automated
End Users:
- The connection between the Terminal and server is encrypted.
- The desktop is stored in the Central Storage which is secured with firewalls and encryption.
High Availability:
- Server Consolidation
- Resource Scheduling
- Load Balancing
- Backup and Disaster recovery
Desktop Anywhere, Anytime
It's the freedom
Use the Same device to log into different OSs
Backup OS in case of failure
Applications assign based on user needs
Single users can be assigned to multiple OS
Old PC can be re-purposed and used as Zero-Client
- Multi-platform support
- "Local Mode" when off campus
- Remote access via personal device
- Secure, encrypted communication
- No touch application installations
And More Mobility:
- Has client apps for iOS and Android.
- User is able to VPN in from anywhere to access desktop.
- User has option to choose what type of hardware platform they prefer.
- Administrators can manage applications from remote locations.
- Central application repository for troubleshooting

And Even More Mobility:
- Access to virtual desktop could be done via the cell network or hotspot.
- Future: Mobile application delivery
- Secure and encrypted
-Companies with 1000s of desktops
- etc
High Performance
Free spaces
- Cost saving
- Quick and easy to install and manage.
- Rollout desktops in minutes instead of days
- 1/2 cost and 2X faster than Thin Clients
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