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Silver Linings Playbook: Bipolar

No description

Joy Davis

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Silver Linings Playbook: Bipolar

Silver Linings Playbook:
Bipolar Disorder

Causes of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder can be brought on by:
Genetic Factors
Environmental Factors
Neurochemical Factors

Bipolar(ism): Having or relating to two poles or extremities

Behaviours include serious shifts in;

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
Possible Medications:
Silver Lining Playbook
The main character Pat Solitano was diagnosed with bipolar disorder
His bipolar disorder was brought on after seeing his wife cheat on him with a coworker
Pat was placed in Mental Institution for his actions
Once released he has troubles re-integrating back into society
He finds company in a troubled woman named Tiffany
Impact of the Disorder
Pat Solitano spends many nights thinking about ways that he will get his wife back
He also experiences mood swings where he becomes periodically violent
Must move back in with his parents as an agreement with the Mental Institution
Must regularly take pills to prevent bipolar attacks
Group therapy
Family Therapy
Pat finds happiness in new activities and new friendships
Bipolar Disorder in Silver Linings
Bipolar Disorder is portrayed accurately in the movie
Pat portrays typical behavior of Bipolar Disorder in his alternate episodes
Pat loves his parents but can easily get enraged by them and he becomes unintentionally violent
Mood swings
Pat Finds Healing in Tiffany
What Did the Character Need or Would Benefit From
Pat would have benefited from a non-stressful familial life
Pressure from Dad, Mom and Tiffany
Would have benefited from staying in the Mental Institution for the length of his recovery
Less unknowns in his life
Less expectations
Spending more time with his family through football
People with Bipolar Disorder Can Find Peace
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