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Habitats of Georgia

No description

Madison Boyd

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Habitats of Georgia

Habitats of Georgia
The Okefenokee Swamp
Swamps are large areas of water broken up by land and forests.

The largest swamp in Georgia is the Okefenokee Swamp.

Not all of the Okefenokee is a swamp. Some of this region is made of mossy wetlands.
The Piedmont is located between the mountains and plains.

Piedmont means "foot of the mountain".

There is a lot of vegetation in this region.

The Piedmont contained forests, lakes, and rivers.

Animals found here include opossums, squirrels, geese, and ducks.

Pine trees, oak trees, and hickory trees are commonly found in this habitat.
Swamp Habitat
There are many plants and animals found inthe swamp habitat of Georgia.

The two most common trees found are Cypress trees and Tupelo trees.

Even black bears are found in this region!

Watch out for venemous snakes like the Water Moccasin or alligators!
Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world.

The Atlantic Ocean borders the east side of Georgia.

Gray's Reef and National Marine Sanctuary if found off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sea Turtles are commonly seen hatching eggs on the beach before swimming off in the Atlantic.

Some of the most common fish found here include Tarpon, Red Fish, Flounder, and Sea Trout.
Coastal Plains
The coastal plains is the habitat that separates the plains from the sea.

There is a wide variety of plants found in this habitat. Spanish moss is commonly seen hanging from trees.

In this habitat, you might find armadillos, wild boar, and rattlesnakes.

Peanuts and cotton are crops grown here.
There are two mountain ranges in Georgia.

The Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountains are found in Georgia.

The Georgia Mountains are found in North Georgia.

The highest mountain in Georgia is Brasstown Bald.

There are a variety of animals found here: mountain lions, bobcats, rabits, fox, and black bears.

The plants and trees found here are the same as those found in the Piedmont habitat.
Georgia Habitats
Georgia is in the Southeastern United States and is made up of 5 different habitats.

The 5 habitats are the mountains, swamp land, coastal plains, Piedmont, and Atlantic Ocean.

The Mountain habitat has cooler temperatures due to the trees and shade.

Atlanta is in the Piedmont which makes it the highest populated habitat.

The Coastal Plain is the warmest habitat.

The Swamp is the wettest habitat .

The Atlantic Ocean is home to an abundace of ocean life and many tourists visit this habitat annually.

Habitats Video
Piedmont Habitat
Atlantic Ocean
Coastal Plains
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