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ESL - Middle school English lesson

m leggett

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of Inventions

Inventions What are
inventions? Inventions are new things people make What's an inventor? A
person who invents things Who were the inventors? What did they invent? Were they good inventions? Who was the inventor? What did he invent? Was it a good invention? Some inventions
are practical
(실용적인) Some inventions
are impractical
(실용적이 아닌) Full body
umbrella Subway
sleep hat Butter stick Subway
stick Tissue
hat The chopstick fan Coffee
cup Some new inventions replaced old inventions
(교체) We used to use a
typewriter Now we
use laptops We used to use a candle Now we
use a lightbulb We used to use
a record player Now we use
mp3 players and CDs Group Invention Project You are inventors!
Invent something new. Invention
Inventor Practical Impractical Replace Some inventions have changed the world Cell phones Syringes Airplanes Automobiles Think. Inventions.
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