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The Holocaust

Did the Jews try to fight against the Nazis?

Mike Cameron

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of The Holocaust

Q: Did the Jews try to fight against the Nazis? A: In many ways the Jews did try to fight back against the Nazis during the Holocaust, but there were also many factors that made resistance against the Nazi oppression impossible. Ways They Fought Back Organized Armed Resistance Jewish groups attacked German tanks with Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, and other small arms. Thousands of young Jews escaped from ghettos into forests. Jewish resistance often took the form of aid and rescue, such as the famous efforts of Oskar Schindler. Formed various Jewish resistance groups, such as the Armee Juive (Jewish Army). Fought back by using spiritual resistance and attempted to preverse Jewish history by creating Jewish institutions, providing education, and hiding Jewish documentation. Jewish prisoners rose against their guards at different killing centers with stolen weapons, but these mutinies were later suppressed and the Jewish rebels were killed. Reasons They Couldn't Fight The Jews didn't have an Army to oppose against the Hitler's massive number of Nazi soldiers. It was difficult for Jewish people to acquire firearms since most places that sold them antisemetic non-Jewish groups. Nazis tricked Jews into thinking they were going to resettlement areas which gave them no reason to fight back. If a Jew showed any resistance they would be shot instantly by a Nazi soldier. Jews were commonly tricked into being killed by getting sent to concentration camps where they were unaware that they would soon be getting killed. Successful Uprisings In August of 1943, Jewish prisoners at the Treblinka concentration camp burnt down buildings, killed German soldiers, and freed 70 inmates and gas chambers at the camp had to be shut down for a month. At the Sobibor camp, Jewish inmates managed to kill 11 German SS comanders and 300 prisoners managed to escape to freedom, causing the camp to be shut down. Female inmates in Auschwitz smuggled in explosives and blew up part of a crematorium and then escaped from the compound, killing 3 SS soldiers in the process. Schindler's Legacy Oskar Schindler is a German hero who spent everything he had in order to protect the Jews. Millions of Jews were killed at the hands of Nazis during World War II, but Schindler's Jews survived. Made millions of dollars but spent every penny on bribing Nazis and paying them off in order to keep his Jews alive. Schindler employed Jewish citizens at a factory where they were safe from the threats of Hitler and his Nazis. Because of Oskar Schindler, thousands of Jews survived the Holocaust genocide, and he is known today as a household hero for the Jewish people.
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