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No description

Byron de Iongh

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Coleman

connection between people
Parents / Padres
Children/ Ninos
Teachers / Maestras
Home and School
making the connections for our children
Room 1~shakala@srcs.org
Room 2~eervin@srcs.org
Room 3~satkison@srcs.org
Friday Folder
Will come home Friday and should be returned on Monday with papers removed...
Sign permission slip
Other important school information returned
Library books~ on Monday or the day before your Library day
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
~Lao Tso
Getting to Know Each Other and Our New Classroom
Routines/ Rules/ Responsibilities
Bear Hunt
Each of Us is a Flower~measuring and watercolors
EEKK Partners
Reading to and with your child
Asking directed question
Listening to your child
Your child to follow direction
Playing alphabet and number games
Practice writing
Strengthen motor skills
Giving your child responsibility
Be present, without devices!
* H&M Lang. Art
* Writers Workshop
* Everyday Math
* Daily Five
*Hand Writing Without Tears
*Whole Child Learning
and a little bit of "MAGIC!"
Behavior and Expectation
* School rules- PST
* Behaviors with Dave Nettell
* 1,2,3 Magic
* Classroom Incentive
* Classroom Systems
* Classroom/ School Rewards

*Looking at World Around Us
* Magic and Reality
*Long Ago and Today
*Family & Friends
*Family Feast
* 5 Senses
* Pumpkin Patch
* Fall Festival
*Conference Week
*VIP Starts
* Pushes and Pulls
* Leprechaun Traps
* Conferences
* Science and Maker Night
Welcome to Kindergarten!
* Weather
* MLK Holiday
* 100th Day of School!
* Valentine's Day Celebration
* Mid-Winter Break
* Plants and Animals
* Spring Break

* Conservation
* Farm Field Trip
* Open House

* Look Back and then Forward
* Promotion Ceremony
* Special Guests
* Last Day of School
How to get involved in the success of your child?
Volunteers in the Classroom
Time: 9:30 to 11:00
It makes a difference in your child's education when you volunteer in the classroom!
Other Volunteer Jobs
To Support and Enhance
Our Kindergarten

* See
Volunteer Sign-Up
at Tables

Family Time
Spend At least 15 minutes a day...
Reading With and To Your Child
"SEAL" Family Connection Work
Everyday Math Worksheets

(Sobrato Early Academic Language)
Due as Requested
In January:

Red Book Bags
Training to be announced in December
* Send a Remind
* Send an Emial
* Make an Appointment

* Class Group Emails
*Classroom Website
* Newsletters


Coleman Journey Begins
1. to make someone want to do something: to give someone an idea about what to do or create
2. to cause something to happen or be created
3. to cause someone to have a feeling or emotion
(in-spire) Verb

Text 81010
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