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US History WWII Project

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hailey joslin

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of US History WWII Project

US History WWII Project
The Attack on Pearl Harbor and US Entry in World War II

Attack on Pearl Harbor and US Entry in World War II

The United States Mobilizes for War

How did manufacturing industries help in the war effort?
It abled them to have weapons
Women in the War Effort
what role did women play in helping manufacture industry during WWII?
the Depression and World War II pushed more women into the work force than ... and women's increased role in the labor force during the War led women to ... Manufacturing industries
Women in the War Effort

What roles did women play in the military during WWII?
Beginning in December 1941, 350,000 women served in the United States
Randolph’s proposed march on Washington and FDR’s response
What was the purpose of Randolph’s proposed march?

was to pressure the U.S. government into desegregating the armed forces and providing fair working opportunities for African Americans.
by Hailey joslin
why did japan attack the united states ?
~It was was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy
when and where did the attack on pearl harbor occur ?
It was

on the morning of December 7, 1941 (December 8 in Japan).
what was some of the damage details of this attack?
ships were sunk or sinking, three destroyers were wrecked, a minelayer and target ship had capsized, two cruisers were badly damaged and many other ships needed repairs. Hawaii-based Navy and Army aviation was also greatly diminished, feeding a sense of defenselessness

how did the us goverment respond to the attack ?
well of course it came to world war II
what actions did the government take to increase the number of soldiers fighting for US?
they made it where when you were 18 years of age and a male you had to enlist in the arm forces
the united states mobilizes for war
how did the government raise money to fiance the war ?
with taxs
what iconic image came to symbolize women who worked during WWII?
Rosie the Riveter
How did women help in their communities during WWII?
women raised money for war bonds and women who did not fight or work for pay chose to volunteer their time
what was Roosevelt's Response ?
President Franklin D. Roosevelt into establishing protections against discrimination.

what changes took place ?
people with a different race or ethic background where able to get jobs and by house drink from the same water fountain without people being decrement agaist
the contribution of the 442nd Infantry Regiment
who made up the 442nd Infantry Regiment ?

A Military Intelligence Service
Why couldn’t they sign up at the beginning of WWII?
because their were forcibly relocated from their homes in the Pacific Coast states
what contributions did the war efforts? where did they fight?
the contributios of the tuskegee airmen
who made up the Tuskegee Airmen?
they popular name of a group of African-American military pilots they where formed the 332nd Fighter Group
Why were these individuals forced to serve by themselves? because
the American military was racially segregated, as was much of the federal government.
The Contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen
What kind of damage did they do to the enemy?
they organized a bomber unit. to kill people
How were these individuals treated after they returned home from WWII?
When Black, Hispanic, and Native American soldiers returned they found a country that still did not grant them full rights,
Rationing During World War II
What is rationing?

allow each person to have only a fixed amount of (a particular commodity).
Why did the US use this in WWII?
becausep roduction was limited to relatively small numbers in a few countries.
Rationing During World War II
What kinds of items were rationed?

Thinks like Cars ,Bicycles, Gasoline, Fuel Oil & Kerosene ,Solid Fuels ,Stoves ,Rubber ,Footwear, Shoes, Sugar, Coffee, Processed Foods, Meats, canned fish, Cheese, canned milk, fats and Tires
How did the government enforce/track your rations?
They had a pin number on them and you had a certain amount of ration for you household members
What were Victory Gardens?

How did they help with rationing?

the public food supply. Around one-third of the vegetables produced by the United States came from victory garden?
They were used along with food stamps
What happened to the speed limit in the US during WWII? Why?the speed limit went down because their was a lot of accidents
Japanese Internment
What was Japanese Internment in the United States?
The internment was applied unequally as a geographic matter:
What reason did the US use to justify Japanese Internment?
The government justified it by saying that is was for finding spys and people still loyal to Japan. So in other words for the safety of the country, since everyone was scared and angry after Pearl Harbor.
What action did President Roosevelt use create the internment?

On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order
Japanese Internment
Where were the internment camps?
they were —in California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas—in California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas.
How did the Supreme Court rule in the case of Nosferatu v United States?

was a landmark United States Supreme Court case concerning the constitutionality of Executive Order
What was life like in the internment camps?

Food shortages were common so the camps started raising their own animals and started growing fruits and vegetables. In the food court, nurses and doctors
When were the camps closed?

In 1944,
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project
they Development project that produced the first atomic bombs during World War I
Why was the Atomic Bomb used?
it was the first out of 2 weapons it was never used before
and nicknamed the fat man

The Manhattan project
What was the result of using the Atomic Bomb?
Acute stages ran overall from initial exposure to 4th month, with both primary and secondary thermal burns. Numerous A-bomb casualties (deaths) occurred ...
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