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Onboarding Presentation

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Abbas Shahid

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Onboarding Presentation

Accelerate employee performance results.

Facilitate a smooth integration experience for new employees.

Minimize the high costs of training new employees due to employee derailment.

Encompassing multiple interventions.
Gaining support from multiple organizational resources.
Involving key stakeholders.
Emphasizing quality interactions.

Develop an onboarding program for all new recruits

Develop protocols for a comprehensive onboarding starting from the recruitment process till the on job progress review process

Benchmarking with multinationals like P&G, IBM and Nestle in order to ensure competitiveness

Developing a structure that aligns with the objectives and the best practices
Bank of America
Nestle On-Boarding Procedures
Nestle uses an online portal to conduct most of its onboarding (apart from the orientation) - Nestle Roadmap
IBM On-Boarding Process
IBM focuses on 3 stages of on-boarding: Affirming, Beginning and Connecting
1st Week
1st Month
6 Months
1st Day
1st Week
Orientation manual provided - This manual should cover the key employees, FAQs, organization overview, tips etc. Also focus on department profiles, which will help the employee better understand the different functions of the organization - to be provided both through CD and a hard copy.

Include a notice in the manual, which would include the TR of the specific employee. This would provide the new employee the complete details of his pay structure

Meet the leadership - Introduce the new hire to the key people in the firm so that he immediately feels a part of the structure and can start forming team-leader relations - Be clear about roles, responsibilities and expectations.

Peer-meeting - Introduce the employee to the rest of the employees, so he settles in quickly and can get to work. This is crucial for reducing employee turnover, as cultural integration is important.

Information regarding benefits should be provided, along with the TR, by the HR either along the manual, through intranet or through an online portal

1st Month
Initial check-in appraisals from supervisors, as well as feedback from the employee

Performance Development Guide for the employee, highlighting the core areas which need to be strong for a good evaluation, and how to develop those strengths
4 Months
A complete feedback session from the employee, update on his progress, and constructive criticism from both parties - done during the appraisal which comes 4 months after the induction of an employee.

A checklist provided to both the employee and the supervisor to check the details and ensure that the procedure of on-boarding has been carried out.
Development of an up-to-date website, highlighting the basic culture and vision of the company as well as the information an applicant may require to gauge if the company is a good fit for him

The On-Boarding starts during the recruitment; be open about how the company is, what it expects and what kind of culture it promotes. The candidates will be in a better position to commit to the company, and the company will find candidates which are actually willing to work in this organizational culture
1st Day
Orientation - Inform the new employee about the basic regulations, policies and culture of the organization, as well as add information which a new employee might need

HSE Orientation and Training - information imparted regarding basic evacuation plan, HSE policies and basic training given

Intranet Training - Engro account set up, and basic information and training given regarding the intranet and internet usage policies

New Employee Paperwork - This could also be provided before a person actually arrives on the first day, so he has ample time to fill it out at his own convenience. If not, this could be done on the first day where his queries will be immediately addressed.

Welcome video - a corporate orientation video, highlighting company achievements and vision, as well as its people

Greeting mail by the HR should be sent to the new employee, with a warm welcoming message.

Nestle Online Portal
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