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The Role of The Federal Government in Education

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Colleen Whittaker

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of The Role of The Federal Government in Education

The Role of The Federal Government in Education
The United States Constitution
Amendment 10

Powers of the States and People

The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to th states respectively or to the people.
Children should not have the added stress of standardized testing.
Help the teachers, children, schools and states by removing the federal governments role in education.
The People's
The federal
contributes less
than 10% to
local education.
Education is the
of the states.
Decisions at a
local level
best serve the
needs of
local students
Mother's against
Common Core
Reasons the Government Should Not Be Involved In Education
* Government schooling stands in direct oppostition to the liberty this country was built on.
*It discourages individuality, innovation, curiosity, creativity and overall excellence
*In it's efforts to create equality and because of its unwieldy bureaucratic nature, government schooling reduces most children to a lowest common denominator, denying kids true opportunities to soar.
*To teach just the facts means to remove anything open to controversy, which can't be done outside dates, times, places, and facts that are meaningless without deeper discussion.
For years the federal government's role in education has increased but this increase in control has failed to improve outcomes for America's children. States were offered incentives to adopt the Common Core Standards. "The national standards are unlikely to increase academic achievement, but they do pose a significant cost to taxpayers and further remove parents from decisions about what their children are taught." This control over what is taught in schools takes control from the states, teachers and parents who are the closest individuals to the local community and it's needs.
Burke, Lindsay M. (2012, April 16).
States Must Reject National Education Standards While There Is Still Time.
Retrieved from http://report.heritage.org/bg2680

How does this affect our children?
*The governments involvement makes children victims of political change, special interests, researchers, unions and social reformers.
*Students are taught what to believe and not other points of views.
*The children are stressed because they are tested, graded and judged by institutions.
*Children are denied the type of education they deserve
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