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Writing Across the Disciplines: Getting Better Essays from

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Annemarie Hamlin

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Writing Across the Disciplines: Getting Better Essays from

“A principal cause
of poor writing received
from students is the assignment….
Far too many teachers blame
the students for poor writing
when the fault lies with the
teacher’s instructions—
or lack of instructions.”
Donald Murray,
Journalist and
Writing Instructor
Successful assignments
, not added on,
to the learning in the course
Successful assignments
the writing tasks
of the discipline or profession
Successful assignments
Provide guided practice in the

language of the discipline

or profession

Chris and Annemarie’s top five strategies
for getting better writing out of students...
Writing Across the Disciplines: Getting Better Essays from Students
Chris Rubio and Annemarie Hamlin
Help students
“enter the

of other professionals and scholars
Successful assignments
Put everything
in writing
(more information rather than less)

Provide an
annotated sample
and rubric

Get the librarians
involved when
research is required

Update the
assignment for
next time as you are grading
current papers

Evaluate these assignments...
Pick five, recent
scholarly articles and
write a summary of each.
Due the last week of class.

Create an essay on any
ethics of journalism topic
of your choice. It is due
the last day of class.
Your paper should be typewritten,
double-spaced and be
approximately 6 to 8 pages long.
A two page summary (outline)
is due in class
the week before
A twenty-page
library research paper
due the last day of class.
Select a topic that interests
you from the term’s
readings and lectures.

In pairs or trios,
share the assignments that you
brought with you today
(or one in your handout we haven't discussed).
How well do they stack up to
the list on page one of your handout?
Analyze their strengths and
weaknesses and prepare
to share those with the group.


Workshop handouts (see folders)
Annemarie and Chris (department visits?)
ahamlin@cocc.edu; x7523
crubio@cocc.edu; x7413
Teaching Commons website

And don’t forget to refer your students
to the Writing Center
(available at all campuses)
Your turn
Set aside time for peer review
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