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Past Perfect

No description

Yusant Figueroa

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Past Perfect

Past Perfect
Events or Actions in the past
She had lived in Santiago in 2010 before she moved back to Iquique in 2013
Past perfect

Subject + Auxiliary + Past Participle
Affirmative Form
Subject + Auxiliary + Past participle
I had studied before the physic test
Negative Form
Subject + Auxiliary + not + Past Participle
I had not studied before the physic test
Interrogative Form
Auxiliary + Subject + Past Participle + ?
Had I studied before physic test?
Actions that happen before an specific time in the past
Subject + two auxiliary verbs + gerund

Subject + had + been + gerund
Negative form
You hadn't been eating well before your health exam
Subject + had + not + been + gerund
Interrogative form
Had + subject + been + gerund ?

Affirmative form
Had he taken a shower in the morning before went to the college?
You had been eating well before your health exam
Had you eating well before your health exam?
Longer actions in the past which happened before something else
Cause and effect
He had been drinking a lot before he crashed the car
I was tired because I hadn't been sleeping for a week
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