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The difference between the north and south during the civil war.

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Maddison Mahlum

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The difference between the north and south during the civil war.

The difference between the North and the South. THE NORTH. THE UNION in the Civil War. Economy .The North had the more stable economy .The North had at least 50% of every point of the economy. the exception of large plantations. . .The North had much more of the population
as well raising the economy. Geography .Because of the cooler climate in the North, large plantations like in the south were not options for the economy. .The mass amount of natural resources in the north meant factory production became a large point of the economy. Transportation .The North had far more railroads than the south. .This made traveling much more easy and reliable. Society . The North did not use plantations as a main source of income meaning they had not as much need for slaves. .Most of the establishments that still used salves had the salves replaced by immigrant labor by 1860 THE SOUTH. THE CONFEDERACY Economy . The majority of the Souths economy was supported by plantations and agriculture. .The main cash crops of the south were cotton and tobacco. Both were in high demand at the time. Geography .The climate in the south was much warmer making farming more of a economy booster. .The south was a much more rural place than that north. only a few main cities were in the south Transportation. .Because the south was very rural and settlements were spreed out, transportation was complected . . Transportation by water was the most coman way of getting around. society .The South relied heavily on slaves to keep the economy running. .By 1860 two thirds of southerns owned salves. THE END
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